Personal. Seamless. Immersive.

All of your business apps and documents in a workspace.

Workspot is a workspace for all apps and data on any device

Workspot allows your IT to deliver the applications and documents you need on your personal device.  All apps are contained in a single workspace, meaning no need to remember multiple passwords and faster access to the business applications you need to use.

Your Device. Work Gets Its Own Spot.

IT staying out of your personal space

Workspot is a single application on your personal device that is your secure mobile workplace. You and IT agree that this is for work while everything else on your device is yours.

See how an end user logs in for the very first time.


SharePoint & Network File Shares

Easy Access to Corporate Data

You can access your corporate document repositories, such as SharePoint, Network File Shares, and others from inside Workspot. We have designed the fastest and most secure tools for you to access your document repositories.

Customer Visit With Just Your Phone

Docs and apps when you need them

Have you ever wanted to go on a sales call with just a smart phone? Now you can. The Workspot application has been designed with you in mind. Our PDF viewer is the best available on the iPhone. You can project your presentation by connecting to the projector using Airplay or the VGA connector. If you want to access to other applications, like SharePoint or Salesforce, they are also available from within Workspot.

Secure Email On The Device

The best, most secure email for BYOD

Are you using Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) or Good to deliver secure email today? Do your users want to use the iPhone or iPad to access their email? Does it take them too long to sync their new email? With Exchange 2013 and Workspot, you can deliver the best looking and most secure email onto mobile devices.

Seamless Logins

One user name. One password.

Workspot needs just one login. Once you authenticate with your network security appliance, you don’t need to login into all the other apps inside your workspace. We seamlessly log you into the other applications. Workspot also comes with a built-in RSA token generator.

Edit Documents On Your Mobile Device

Highest Fidelity Office documents

SharePoint 2010 suite delivers all your favorite Office applications – PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and Outlook – straight from the web with a beautiful native look and feel. With Workspot you can edit Office documents.

Immersive Access

Go between apps and documents easily

Workspot and its mobile-first design integrates gestures, organizes screen assets for fast access, and pops up shortcuts to minimize clicks. Working in one application on your personal device means less hassle, so you can stay immersed in your work tasks.

A store for all enterprise apps and data - choose apps to add into the workspace

Personalized With Your Apps

New apps in minutes

Your job constantly evolves requiring access to new data. Your company constantly adds new ways to access data securely via web apps. Need an app that you know your company already uses? No need to wait; it only takes a minute!