Mix-and-match apps and desktops in a secure workspace on any device

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All Devices
Workspot is a workspace for all enterprise apps and data

Un-managed Device. BYOD.

Work gets its own spot!

More than 80% of the devices (Phones, Tablets, PCs, and Macs)  in the world are un-managed. These devices may belong to an employee, consultant, contractor, or employees at an acquisition. How does IT enable secure access to business applications from a device that they cannot manage?

Workspot was designed to solve exactly this problem. The Workspot client is a secure area for work on a personal device. IT can deliver business apps and data into a workspace. All work stays inside Workspot, the rest of the device is not managed by IT.

Download our BYOD How To Guide.

Access your Windows Desktop

Some users may need access to a full Windows desktop. For those users you can deliver a full virtual desktop into their workspace. Our VDI 2.0 solution is architected for the cloud and modern data center with hyper-converged appliances.

Access All Your Apps

Web, Windows, and Native

Your company has many different kinds of applications – Web, Windows Client-Server, or Native. These applications may be running on-premises or  in the cloud. Your users can access all their applications from inside their secure workspace. Workspot enables users to directly access web applications (without any remoting), thereby providing the best and most responsive user experience.

Offline Documents

SharePoint, Network Drives, and others

You can access your corporate document repositories, such as SharePoint, Network File Shares, iManage, OpenText, and others from inside Workspot. You can download the documents into your secure workspace and they are available for offline usage.


Single Sign On

One passcode.

Workspot needs just one passcode. Once you authenticate with your passcode, you don’t need to login into all the other apps inside your workspace. We seamlessly single sign you onto VPN (if the applications is behind a firewall) and other applications. Workspot also comes with a built-in RSA token generator.

Cross-Platform Rich Client Architecture

The Workspot client is a cross-platform client. We provide a consistent user experience on un-managed PCs, iPhones, Android phone, iPads, and Macs. We have created a seamless end user experience by integrating many different client technologies into Workspot: browser, RDP client, CIFS client, VPN, SSO agent, document viewers, and an RSA client.

Learn more, download: Workspot Technology Whitepaper