In the Architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry, secure collaboration on 3D CAD and BIM models is imperative among various stakeholders working on a project. We understand that and have designed a solution specifically to address the AEC industry’s collaboration requirements.

The Problem

Collaboration among employees in geographically separated offices or with external project partners is a non-trivial problem. AEC IT leaders have attempted to solve this problem through adoption of a variety of technologies such as legacy VDI solutions, VPNs for remote work, physical workstations connected over WAN, etc. These technologies introduce a host of issues:

  • Lack of Performance: On-prem legacy VDI is notorious for lack of performance, especially for heavy 3D CAD applications and data. Similarly, accessing data over remote VPN connections can be slow, making it difficult to collaborate effectively.
  • Unreliable User Experience: Our customers who tried VPN connections for 3D CAD data found that any break in the connection caused data errors, leading to loss of hours of productivity.
  • IP Security Concern: Physical workstations have data at the edge and are susceptible to theft, loss, malware and user error. The risk of IP/data loss cannot be undermined.
  • Data Management Problem: Physically spread out hardware also causes data sprawl causing file versioning errors and data management issues. Thus increasing overall IT cost.

Over time, these tools become non-standardized disconnected patchworks of hardware and data spread out across various offices and business units, not only negatively affecting user productivity but also increasing IT cost and complexity.

The Solution

Workspot offers a holistic yet simple approach for AEC firm CIOs and IT managers. Our solutions offer a high performance, secure and reliable experience that is turnkey and easy to manage.

We leverage Microsoft Azure’s high compute infrastructure and provide blazing speed and performance for all our customers’ CAD and office productivity applications. All data is co-located with compute within Microsoft Azure to ensure fast file read/write times and fluid 3D CAD and BIM model creation, leading to high user satisfaction and productivity. There is no data corruption or loss, even if your connection to the cloud workstation breaks.

All of our customers are provisioned highly secure cloud workstations in their nearest Azure region in order to minimize latency. Thus enabling office/remote employees to collaborate on a standardized platform that is accessible from anywhere using any device. This ensures a highly reliable and repeatable user experience.

Workspot cloud workstations are not susceptible to theft, loss, malware or user error. There is no data at any edge device or appliance and our highly secure architecture ensures data encryption in motion and at rest.

Since all data is centrally located, CAD and BIM engineers can collaboratively work off a common data environment and minimize errors. Finally, IT does not have to manage complex physical hardware.

We have configured our product to handle some of the most demanding applications. Our customers are successfully running multiple CAD applications from various vendors on our cloud workstations:
Revit    Auto Civil    Auto N    Autocad    Adobe    ARCGIS    BB    Bent M    GE    Tekla    Solidworks


Workspot customers have experienced >3x ROI due to a combination of business growth & productivity, cost avoidance and strategic benefits.


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