Challenges with Physical Workstations

Companies purchase expensive liquid cooled workstations for 3D graphics workloads like CATIA, AutoCAD, Revit, Ansys, and others. Not only are these expensive resources outdated right away, there are many other issues:

(1) Cross-site collaboration: In order for teams in multiple sites to collaborate IT needs to either invest in solutions to sync expensive TB sized files between sites, or in WAN acceleration technology. Often the end users in remote sites have a poor experience.

(2) Slowdowns in global software development and testing cycles result from slow distributions of build, fewer testing cycles, and teams working in silos because they cannot share builds.


Desktops as a Service for 3D Graphics

High performance Desktops as a Service enables IT to solve a complex and expensive problem in a unique innovative manner:

(1) Store Large TB sized models in the cloud

(2) Co-locate  models with high performance desktops running in the cloud

(3) With Zero CapEx outlays

Users from anywhere in the world can connect remotely to these desktops  to access their designs. They have higher productivity because they are not waiting for files to sync every morning. They are also on the latest, greatest hardware because you don’t have to worry about upgrading their desktops once every 4 years.




Workspot enables hybrid multi-site deployments

Legacy data center architectures are complex and expensive and deliver poor end user experience.

With Workspot’s unique control plane architecture, IT can place the VDI hosts in any geographical location and operate them from a single pane of glass in the cloud. By reducing the latency and removing the performance killing hops found in VDI 1.0, users can now log in in seconds.

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