Customer Success: Built from the Inside Out

“I want a divorce.” While thankfully I have never heard these words personally, hearing them from a customer is  inevitable. “This just isn’t working out.” “Our needs are not aligned.” “Our requirements have changed.” “Your solution is just too expensive.” These words are gut-wrenching and at times tough to understand. Immediately, you begin to reflect on how the relationship reached this point. “Is it me?” “What did I do?” “Could I have communicated or done something better?” No matter the reason, there’s instantly a feeling of failure, followed by a flood of other emotions: Sadness, frustration, and possibly relief.

If we were talking about a personal relationship, it would be ripe for therapy: Can the damage that has been done be repaired? In the business world (and in one’s personal life for that matter), wouldn’t it be better to take steps all along the way to ensure that the relationship never arrives at a place where irreparable damage has been done?  At Workspot, we’ve created an innovative business model and a company culture that means we “walk the walk.” Here’s how we’re building customer success from the inside out.

The “Love Language” of Customer Success

Customer Success (CS) has become a popular industry buzzword used by many organizations. It’s “buzzy” not because it’s not important or lacks meaning, but because many organizations talk the talk but can’t walk the walk, so in that sense, claims around CS being a top priority lose impact.

Companies need to ask themselves: What does Customer Success actually mean, both organizationally and philosophically? What is the fundamental shift that needs to happen operationally in the company to focus on CS, and what are the values that they embrace – not only in their CS team but across their organization – that need to be communicated to customers? More importantly, how are those values manifested in the day-to-day interactions with their customers?

Think of Customer Success as your company’s “Love Language”. Here at Workspot, we believe that every customer interaction has key elements that are core to the engagement’s success and the customer’s happiness.

A Growth Mindset

Because we are a relatively young company that has innovated within an established market (VDI), our view of the world is enthusiastic while being rooted in results. We understand our customers’ struggles. We want to (and we know we can) transform their businesses. It’s a mindset that starts with desiring growth, both for Workspot and for our customers. The companies who come to us looking for the future of end-user computing are ready for a big change. They have grappled with the complexity of the legacy VDI solutions or are using VDI as their first foray into a “cloud-first” approach to computing; in either case, they are ready for change and excited about how that change will afford them new opportunities to grow. By acknowledging the mutual desire for growth and aligning company values, the honeymoon phase has now evolved into a partnership that is ready to achieve success.

Trust is Earned

The growth mindset sets the stage for establishing trust. Because the goal of fueling both parties’ growth engines aligns them from the onset, the stage is set for building and solidifying trust. There’s little that is more important than believing, without question, that each party has the other party’s best interests at heart. With respectful communication that sometimes means agreeing to disagree, and maintaining transparency in all aspects of the project, comes trust.  Having difficult conversations is not easy, because we were all taught that the “customer is always right.” However, acquiescing to that conventional wisdom does not always produce the best outcome. The tangible result of encountering a difficult problem, working through it together, and ultimately resolving it to everyone’s satisfaction, is a partnership that emerges from the other side of the conflict even stronger and more committed than before.

It’s a “People Problem”

That brings us to people and in particular, hiring the right people. From engineering to sales, marketing, CS and our executive team, our ranks are diverse and filled with VDI industry veterans who have witnessed first-hand the struggles customers have had with the “old ways” of end-user computing. This is where the rubber meets the road. There is no way our CS folks could accomplish what they do, day in and day out if they didn’t truly love what they do. Across the company, we are working daily to improve the love language of Customer Success, but it’s the CS team on the front lines, always ready to do the right thing for our customers, that really sets the tone for our unique business model. It’s the leadership and execution by our current CS staff of VDI veterans and others we hire that continues to drive our cultural journey forward! Every one of these individuals is thoughtfully and carefully selected to be a part of our Workspot CS team.

Innovating Together

Trust and loyalty are built over time. Workspot’s personal touch approach to Customer Success is all about making sure our solutions are the right fit for you. We know we need to earn your business every day, every month, year-in and year-out and that customers want a real partnership. We believe that can only be delivered by building an organization and a culture that truly speaks the language of “Customer Love”. Together, through an authentic and transparent partnership that is built on mutual trust and respect, we can grow and achieve the best outcomes. This is why, despite alternatives, customers choose to succeed with Workspot.

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