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From VDI to Cloud Desktops at Virtual Expo – Spring 2021

Recently, Workspot participated in Virtual Expo. This day-long virtual end-user computing event takes place twice a year, and it’s hosted by Trond Eirik Haavarstein, a well-respected community leader who actively contributes his time and effort to provide an open platform for knowledge-sharing. We are happy to support initiatives like Virtual Expo that focus on education and enable technical experts to contribute their expertise for the benefit of the community, and ultimately, the industry.

We heard from a number of well-known community experts throughout the day, on topics ranging from VDI to SaaS. Workspot’s session featured Andy Knauf, CIO from Mead & Hunt, who shared first-hand details of his team’s experience transforming their on-prem VDI infrastructure to the cloud.

Using Workspot, Andy & team deployed hundreds of cloud desktops and AMD-powered GPU workstations worldwide across three Azure cloud regions. He explained how deploying and managing their entire user environment from a single UI made a world of difference for their IT team. And how the ability to quickly and easily scale their IT at a moment’s notice was a game-changer for their entire organization—especially in 2020, when they had to increase their number of cloud desktops from 60 to 270 over a single weekend, to enable their global staff to work from home. They left their physical desktops at the office on a Friday, and were able to log into Workspot from home on Monday to access their desktops without skipping a beat! Turns out, while other organizations struggled with downtime during complicated transitions to working from home, the measured end-user productivity at Mead & Hunt actually increased, because not only was their transition seamless, but the performance of their Workspot cloud workstations was as good as being in the office – and in some cases performance was better.

It’s always great to hear first-hand from the customers we serve how the technology adds value to their business. In the case of Mead & Hunt, the business value is compelling, but the personal value to the employees is priceless; people kept their jobs, and kept themselves and their families safe working from home. I am sure many of you have similar stories; the past year made our collective EUC expertise and efforts very real.

I encourage you to check out Andy’s session and the rest of the Virtual Expo sessions that are now on demand.

…And make sure you’re registered for tomorrow’s live thought leadership virtual event On the SPOT! with Mark Templeton. It’s going to be super fun – think “Speed Round” – along with an enlightening fireside chat!

Laura Whalen
Community Manager