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Give your PC a KISS! Why Wouldn’t You?

KISS your PC? Really? No, not literally, but I suppose you can. 😊 I am referencing the KISS design principle, which as most of you probably know is keep it simple stupid meaning that most systems work best if they are kept simple rather than made complicated. Even Leonardo da Vinci stated once “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!”.

There are many examples I could reference, but there is one company that is very well-known for embodying the KISS spirit – Apple. They understand the importance of user experience and that it must be simple. Today, as the business world becomes a hybrid work environment, the user experience matters a lot, maybe the most, especially considering that people have a consumer-like experience expectation around business productivity tools ranging from a personal computer and extending through apps, data in the cloud, ideally one or no passwords, etc. Users just want to be productive, and technology should not be in their way. Users’ patience level is low, and they will be creative in finding their own ways to circumvent barriers they encounter – leading to Shadow IT.

Having been involved in End-user Computing (EUC) solutions for over two decades, I have seen both the user experience and the IT administrator sides. Technology has evolved and enabled us to become digitally transformed. Users really gained choices for how they work, what they use for work, and where they work, breaking traditional IT approaches of sanctioned controls and mandated limitations. New technologies that are supposed to modernize business and simplify IT can become a nightmare if they are not well architected and leveraged appropriately – especially since IT is responsible for delivering the best user experience, performance, security, and overall reliability of IT systems.

It’s all about simplicity

This brings me to Workspot, which has really hit the nail on the head, or even better, hit the “spot” of truly simplifying the endpoint experience – not just for end users but also for helping IT create better business agility. The first time I heard the vision of Amitabh Sinha, CEO of Workspot, talking about the “peace of mind” IT and business leaders can achieve, I quickly saw that this is exactly what this industry needs. The virtualization of applications, desktops, and servers has reached maturity and the pandemic fueled this through the need to support remote work and hybrid work, but with these traditional solutions complexity is still a given. Workspot understood the need for simplification and took a pure, cloud-oriented approach to address VDI complexity. They pretty much SaaS’ified virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to deliver Cloud PCs on-demand and at scale, whereas IT teams will struggle to deploy and scale quickly with typical do-it-yourself VDI and DaaS infrastructure, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

What hooked me up with Workspot?

  • User ExperienceA crucial aspect of productivity but also for user acceptance so shadow IT can be minimized or even eliminated. Workspot offers a Cloud PC configuration that will support any businesses’ use cases: Knowledge worker, power user, developers, GPU-heavy workloads, and more with all the performance benefits. Just the way it should be – better than a regular PC and logon times are a dream. I dealt with a lot of logon time optimizations in the past and this is the first and foremost experience a user will face, so it must be impressive – and with Workspot it is.

Since I am passionate about technology, I had to take a Workspot Cloud PC on the road – literally (but this was in a safe environment and while waiting in the parking lot). With many places offering Wi-Fi or using my phone as a hotspot, I was able to not only work, but also watch the latest trailer from the Star Wars universe with stellar performance! My Windows 10 desktop was running securely in Google Cloud and my data was being delivered from many other clouds. How is it still fast you ask? Since it’s all running remotely and you are pretty much on the backbone of all clouds, you leverage the fastest networks.


  • IT Experience – One place to go to have everything under your “control.” Workspot Control is the single pane of glass for provisioning and managing all your Cloud PCs globally. You can deploy in days (not months) and scale in minutes. I was able to spin up 100 Windows 10 Cloud PCs within a few minutes in Google Cloud and was able to logon into the first instance after one minute – and I’m the new guy! Here is a demo for how to spin up 2,000 Cloud PCs in two Google Cloud regions. Simple!
  • Security – On the endpoint with a Zero Trust approach (we do not touch or leave anything behind) as well as in the cloud, where we do not store any specific customer tenant data. All data is encrypted in motion and at rest. Furthermore, you leverage the cloud vendors’ security technologies to stay current with the latest protection mechanisms, but you can also take advantage of integrations into Splunk or other Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools to give you the insights you need for pro-active measures.
  • Business ContinuityOnce in the cloud, we all experience outages in one form or another, so any consumed services must be reliable, available, and backed up. Workspot helps you avoid business disruptions with robust business continuity innovations:
    • Cloud PC reliability is supported by Workspot Watch which leverages global, cross-cloud data and analytics to help you identify and mitigate potential issues that could impact your Cloud PCs.
    • Disaster Recovery – DR in the cloud becomes a critical necessity to plan for as we continue to face business disruptions, whether through pandemics, natural disasters, or other unexpected events. Workspot simplified PC DR to one-click disaster recovery so you are always ready
  • Automation – One of the trends IT is looking into is to automate recurring and time-consuming tasks through workflows such as IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions. You can leverage ITSM integration into ServiceNow or other solutions through the REST API’s we offer. Automating tasks such as provisioning new Cloud PCs accelerates onboarding new users and helps them become productive in hours instead of weeks.
  • Customer Success – If there is one area that stands out (besides the many I mentioned above), it is how deeply customer-centric thinking is rooted in our DNA. In today’s SaaS-world, onboarding and continuous customer satisfaction is critical. At Workspot, customers will be onboarded from Day 1, User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is emphasized, and we accompany our customers through the deployment process and afterwards as they discover new use cases or have new business requirements.
  • Customers innovate with us – As a SaaS company, delivering innovation quickly is equal parts agile development and a deep commitment to and caring about our customers. Through close collaboration with our customers, we continuously improve our technologies, and customers are an important part of this innovation engine.

Workspot kept simplicity in mind throughout all its innovations so users, IT, and business leaders can achieve peace of mind. And, engaging with us is really simple too: subscribe, get onboarded, become productive. The time-to-value is extremely short, and we are delivering on this promise every day.

All the above would not be possible without the people at Workspot (we call ourselves “Workspotters”). It was a no-brainer for me to join this team and be part of the Cloud PC journey to simplify what is so crucial for end user productivity, but also to simplify IT services delivery so the business can focus on growth and staying competitive.

I could KISS a Cloud PC – virtually! Would you?

If you’re ready to learn more, just schedule a demo at your convenience and we’ll show you how it works!