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Go On the SPOT! with the World’s Greatest Cloud Desktop Visionaries

These days, most organizations understand the undeniable truth that community matters, and social media is here to stay as a primary network of communication with the worldwide community. It’s not just about measuring the number of attendees scanned in at a tradeshow; it’s about the meaningful interactions that happen between individuals in person, over the phone, and online that make the real difference for companies interested in growing their business. At Workspot, a ‘people-first’ mentality is key to a successful, thriving organization.

Knowledge sharing is a critical factor in the speed of innovation and time to success. The architecture, engineering, and construction community is a good example of the positive impact an industry-wide, collaborative mindset can have on business. It’s common for organizations in these fields to partner on projects, even with their most direct competitors. These teams realize that when they openly share details, feedback, and technology tips & tricks with their counterparts, they maintain a culture of true co-opetition. While they may compete, they are also participating in joint ventures on massive projects, and if they are using the latest, greatest technologies, they are all bringing their A-game to the table. As a cohesive, efficient team, they can streamline operations, collaborate constructively, make fewer mistakes, and better serve their customers.

By collaborating with the community in constructive, unified ways, we are not only driving the success of our organization, we are shaping the future.

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of a thought leadership virtual event series called On the SPOT!, where we invite the movers and the shakers of the virtualization industry to join us for open, unfiltered, and enlightening discussions about the past, present, and future of the industry—to level-up our collective mindshare and help drive the evolution of the virtual workplace.

To kick off On the SPOT!, we are honored to have Mark Templeton as our inaugural guest in this multi-episode series. If you’ve been in the IT industry for awhile, you’re likely familiar with his work. Mark T is a virtualization trailblazer, and a leading end-user computing visionary. During his decades-long tenure as Citrix President and CEO, he helped build the end-user computing industry from the ground up, paving the way for widespread adoption of virtualization and cloud technologies. Since his retirement from Citrix in 2015, Mark has continued building his legacy by contributing his thought leadership and expertise to help drive cloud adoption through strategic board and advisory roles. His passion for end-user computing knows no bounds, and his focus on cloud technologies is steadfast and forward-thinking. I have been grateful for the opportunity to work with him for well over a decade, and throughout this time, I have also witnessed his uncanny ability to dig in and understand what really makes people tick. Because his connection and dedication to the individual is so strong, he puts his heart and soul into the community, and in this way, he’s able and ever-willing to make deep and meaningful contributions.

So please join me in welcoming Mark T to the virtual stage on April 8th, as he goes On the SPOT! with Workspot’s Brad Peterson. He’ll share his vision, nuggets of wisdom, and predictions on the EUC industry, and answer your burning questions along the way. There will also be a super-fun speed round!

Topics for the first episode will include:

  • Where did we start, where did we go, and where are we now?
  • Is the datacenter dead?
  • So you’re taking your desktops to the cloud… DIY or SaaS?
  • How are environmental, cultural & business changes impacting the technology?
  • What does the post-pandemic landscape look like, and how do we prepare for it?

You won’t want to miss this epic fireside chat, so grab your virtual seat!

Laura Whalen
Community Manager