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Need Windows 10 Enterprise Multi-Session? Workspot Makes it Easy.

“Easy” and “virtual desktops” are two terms that have not often been used together, but that’s ancient history. Today, organizations have amazing options for delivering Windows desktops and apps to their employees, contractors, and partners. Most recently, Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) gives customers access to Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session, which is important for addressing many enterprise use cases. In this blog I’ll bust-through the media drama and the marketing hype – the “us” v “them” nonsense – to get to the real story: How Workspot and Microsoft together make sure our enterprise customers can address all their end-user computing use cases. By partnering closely, we are achieving for our customers what otherwise cannot be done. It’s really that simple!

The Old Way Limits Growth

It’s well-known among IT pros that deploying and managing virtual desktops the “old way” – on-premises –  is complex and expensive. This is the first thing we hear from CIOs who have cloud-first initiatives and want to move away from their on-premises VDI.  Solving this cost and complexity problem for IT teams – not to mention the performance problems that slow productivity for users –  is central to Workspot’s mission. Other organizations are finding that managing physical PCs and workstations and going ’round and ’round the never-ending hardware refresh cycle is not a good use of IT resources, nor do these devices support a mobile workforce. In both cases, the old ways are limiting business growth. In this highly competitive world we live in, CIOs need to deliver technology that creates a competitive advantage for the organization. They need the flexibility and agility to move quickly and respond to new opportunities wherever they arise. That’s where Workspot and Microsoft come in.

The New Way Creates Opportunities

Workspot holds claim to several industry “firsts”.  The first cloud-native, enterprise-ready, turnkey desktop-as-a-service solution.  The first turnkey cloud-desktop service on Microsoft Azure. The first innovative Customer Success model that removes the risk of virtual desktop deployment and brings predictability to cloud desktop costs, and many more. In 2016 when Microsoft made Windows 10 available on Azure we were ready on day one, and we began helping IT teams deliver cloud desktops and apps to their users around the globe, scale those deployments in minutes in any Azure region, and manage it all through a single console. When you begin to imagine the possibilities this affords, you can understand why this is transforming companies and entire industries.

Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) has also introduced many game-changing technologies: Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session, FSLogix, and AppAttach. In the past, customers delivered multi-session capabilities with Terminal Services on Windows Server. Now with WVD, they have another option. They can use Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session in conjunction with profile management from FSLogix, and app layering using AppAttach.

Workspot is best known for our “insanely simple” cloud desktop service, and we’ll make it simple for you to deploy Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session too. It’s a combination of our technology and the depth of expertise on our Customer Success team that makes it turnkey to deploy and simple to manage for our customers, so they don’t have to worry about dealing with all the piece-parts required. It just works. And you have better things to do than micro-manage apps and desktops! With WVD and Workspot, customers have an even greater ability to cover all the unique use cases in their organizations, whether it’s a call center taking advantage of the economics of multi-session Windows 10 or it’s a CAD power user manipulating 3D graphics models; one size does not fit all. With Workspot and Microsoft, organizations get the best cloud computing solution precisely tailored to each use case, and it’s all managed from Workspot’s single management console. Here are just a few of the ways our joint solution on Azure delivers value for our customers:

  • Fast, simple deployment: Provision cloud desktops, apps and GPU workstations with a few clicks
  • Global availability: Place desktops close to users in 56+ Azure cloud regions around the world
  • Strengthen security: Use your preferred identity option, whether Azure Active Directory, Azure Active Directory Domain Services, or on-premises Active Directory
  • Control costs: Flat rate pricing for cloud desktops deployed through Workspot give you predictability and peace of mind

Does your organization have multiple use-cases to address? Whether you’re looking for Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session, persistent Windows 10 desktops, non-persistent Windows 10 desktops or just delivering a few apps, Workspot and Microsoft have completely changed the game. Together we arm your organization with the agility to grow like never before.

Ready to learn more? Schedule a demo and we can show you how it works.