What Success Looks Like: Workspot Cloud Desktops

There’s no doubt that Workspot’s cloud-native technology innovation in the VDI space is disruptive, but equally powerful for our customers is how we have defined ourselves by our innovative Customer Success Program. It’s deeply embedded in our core values, because if our customers aren’t happy, nothing else matters. But what does success look like to our customers?

“Partnership” or Partnership?

As one of the leads on our Customer Success Team, I work closely with customers who are in various stages of implementation, whether it’s the initial deployment, production deployment, or ongoing operations and expansion phase, my team and I partner with our customers’ IT teams and we work together every step of the way. It’s true that tech vendors talk a lot about “partnering” with their customers – if you and I were talking face to face I’d be “air quoting” as I say “partnering”  – when in reality they often get the order and disappear, leaving the customer to figure it all out. Enterprises have experienced this so many times they’ve lost faith in big tech vendors who just don’t seem to care. At Workspot, we believe that business model is broken. We can talk about customer success all day long, but as they say, “a picture speaks a thousand words.” So today I want to paint the picture of true partnership for you. In working with our customers we’ve encountered everything from urgent feature requests and scary admin mistakes, to crazy deployment requirements. In that context, here’s what success looks like at Workspot.

Cloud-Native Means Agile Development

Workspot invented a cloud-native virtual desktop control plane using micro services, and that architecture enables critical capabilities for our customers. Beyond superior security and high-availability is the opportunity for us to respond very quickly to feature requests from our customers. With the big tech vendors, customers could wait months or even years for a feature request to make it to production. At Workspot, we release new features (often requested by customers and prospects) regularly every few weeks. However, a couple of months ago a customer came to us with a special request. They had decided to modify their company name, and along with that change, their email domain needed to change to match. That impacted thousands of Workspot users, and the company was faced with manually changing each and every one of those email addresses. What a terrible use of the IT team’s time! So our wonderful engineers automated that task for them, and the feature was in production in a few days, saving this customer – and other customers in this situation in the future – time and money! It’s just one example of the power of a cloud-native solution, agile development, and real partnership (no air quotes!).

Deploy in Days? Yes We Do!

I’m just going to say this right up front. No one else can do what I’m about to describe to you, but we did, and we really loved how impressed our customer was! If you’re a CIO and for whatever reason you wake up tomorrow morning and say, “oh my, I need to have 100 cloud desktops up and running across 10 regions of Microsoft Azure three days from now” then you need to call Workspot. Our team was challenged by a global company to a “bake-off” of sorts to deploy Workspot Desktop Cloud – pronto – and deliver outstanding performance. The best way to ensure great performance is to place the cloud PCs as close as possible to each user. In this case, that meant deploying cloud PCs across several Azure regions. So one of our amazing customer success heroes did just that – in 3 HOURS! Yes, he did! Users were up and running and using their corporate apps the same day. Needless to say, the competitor in this situation didn’t stand a chance; in the best case, it would have taken them weeks to deploy in one cloud region. I don’t say that so much to brag about Workspot, but to amplify how dramatically different we are, and how those differences benefit our customers.

Rescue You from the Brink? Yes, We Do!

We have a proven deployment process that works – sometimes in just 3 hours as you have seen! While we can deploy Workspot solutions in a day, it often takes a little longer for the customer to be ready on their end. There are a few things they need to do and we guide them through those steps to prepare for deployment. We’ve done this so many times that deployments happen pretty uneventfully, and in parallel, we train the customer’s IT team to manage the implementation on an ongoing basis. Unfortunately, not everything is perfect in life and in IT! In this case, the customer gave a fairly new employee access to the Workspot production environment. With the very best of intentions, the new employee was familiarizing himself with the solution, and, well, managed to delete 150 users’ desktops. Big oops! Since time is money, that situation had to be remedied – fast. Enter one of our amazing customer success teammates, who restored all the desktops within 2 hours, and everyone lived happily ever after.

We’ll Take the Kudos!

My favorite customer quote recently is this: “We work with Workspot because they care about us.” When was the last time you thought that about a technology vendor? It makes the whole team really proud that this shines through our interactions with customers. I think that level of care stems from a combination of our roots in the costly and complex legacy VDI world that caused customer pain, and our culture at Workspot of really nice, really smart people doing what comes naturally to them: The right thing. That’s what real partnership and success looks like at Workspot.

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