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The Definitive Criteria for Evaluating DaaS Providers

Not all Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solutions are the right fit for your business. The main objective of an effective cloud desktop solution evaluation process is to find a solution that meets the requirements of every facet of your organization, provides opportunities to streamline without compromise, and allows you the flexibility and scalability to grow the business in any direction, without barriers, constraints, or unforeseen investment requirements.

Five DaaS Evaluation Categories

To facilitate your cloud desktop journey, help you navigate the various solutions on the market, and support a thorough evaluation, we have compiled the following top considerations and questions to ask DaaS solution vendors as a downloadable resource, as well as the DaaS evaluation checklist provided below.

There are five primary areas where you need to ask vendors tough questions so you can feel confident that your current requirements will be met, as well as those that will arise in the future:

1. End-User Experience
2. Security
3. Operations
4. Architecture
5. Economics

Ask the Hard Questions


  • How can you ensure I will get the optimal performance experience for all our end-users, even when their requirements are drastically different?
User types
  • Does your solution offer a range of cloud desktop types, including single-user, multi-user and high-performance GPU cloud workstations?
User scenarios
  • How does your solution enable us to support remote work?
  • Does it enable 100% device flexibility / independence for business continuity and BYOD?
  • Does it support Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chromebook, and HTML5?
Data tracking & analysis
  • Can your solution track historical usage data on an ongoing basis for trend analysis, so we can make sure we’re getting maximum resource utilization and providing the best experience for our end-users?


Security level
  • How does the solution enforce and augment my zero-trust security policy?
  • Can your systems see and access my company’s data?
  • How can you ensure end-to-end security and control across my distributed workforce?
Compliance regulations
  • Can your solution meet our compliance regulations and policy requirements (e.g., PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, SOX)?
  • Will it allow us to streamline how and where our company data flows between the cloud and end-users?
  • Is comprehensive auditing and reporting available?
  • Can relevant data be exported into existing SIEM systems for analysis?
  • Does company data flow through your system; if so, what is your corporate process for responding to a customer’s compliance audit?
Endpoint security
  • What additional security capabilities are available at the endpoint?
  • Does your solution offer a lockdown mode, where users cannot access other applications or utilities (such as screenshots or printers) when the virtual desktop client is running?
System integration
  • Does your solution support my authentication tools (e.g., Active Directory, Okta)?
  • Will it integrate with our existing access control and other security tools & processes?


Desktop management & customization
  • Can we use our existing desktop management tools, such as SCCM?
  • Are we able to customize virtual desktops with our corporate image(s)?
Deployment speed
  • Can you support our priority to speed time-to-production and time-to-value?
  • How long will it take to provision our first desktop?
  • Do you own the service level agreement (SLA)?
  • What does the SLA cover?
  • Are you achieving 99.95% and greater availability?
Business expansion
  • Does your solution scale both vertically and horizontally?
  • How fast can I scale out to support users in other cloud regions?
  • Can we start small and add new users globally in a few minutes?


Workforce distribution
  • Is this a cloud-native solution?
  • How can you ensure a fast deployment process across multiple global regions?
  • Can global deployment be managed via a single admin console?
  • How quickly can it scale across multiple public clouds?
Workflows & automation
  • Is your solution enterprise-ready?
  • Can it easily plug into existing authentication, app & policy management, and workflow systems?
  • Does it enable workflow automation, such as integration with existing ITSM systems?
Business continuity & DR
  • Do you provide end-to-end resilience?
  • Is cloud desktop backup, DR, and failover seamless?
  • During a disaster, can you activate DR cloud desktops with one-click?
  • Is some downtime inevitable?
  • Do you offer built-in backup & restore, and cloud desktop redundancy across cloud regions?
Global monitoring
  • Does your solution include a global system for 24×7 monitoring of end-user performance, big data analysis, and support, so we can optimize user experience and reduce support calls?
  • Can it proactively monitor virtual desktops and adjacent systems, and alert us to potential issues?
  • Are these services included as part of the product?


Pricing model
  • What is your pricing model?
  • Are costs flat-rate and predictable, so we can streamline budgeting and eliminate complex billing analysis?
  • Is it CapEx or OpEx?
Infrastructure investment
  • What do your services cover and what will my ongoing operational responsibility and costs be?
  • Are cloud compute, implementation, and support costs included?
  • Does your solution require investment in and management of IT infrastructure?
Device flexibility
  • Will your solution enable us to reduce hardware upgrades and facilities costs; if so, how?
  • Does your solution work on any OS and device?
  • Does it deliver performance on every device that is as good or better than a local PC?
  • How can you ensure that it will be 100% secure, even in a BYOD scenario, where the end-user uses their personal device?
Analytics capabilities
  • Are analytics tools included that provide real data on our resource consumption and usage, so we can scale up and down as needed to optimize resources and consumption costs?

We want you to be equipped with the resources you need to help you make the right decision for your business, and we’re here to help. You can download this checklist as PDF so you have it handy for your discussions. If you’re ready to speak with a Workspot cloud desktop expert or schedule a demo, please let us know.