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To Infinity & Beyond (Why I Joined Workspot)

My favorite part about working in the tech industry is collaborating on super-cool, cutting-edge innovations—with the people who make and use them; watching them solve complex problems and work their magic; and thinking about their potential to change the world.

Our mutual, longstanding love of technology brought us together eons ago, when mainframes and flip phones were still prevalent. Our lives were connected by underground wires, and the virtual workplace was a futuristic concept that most organizations were hesitant to embrace. Communities were localized back then, but as tech brought the world closer, we seized the opportunity to go global. I was fortunate to be aligned with companies that understood the need for forward-thinking leadership in this area, and they enabled me to envision and drive industry-recognized global community programs, such as the Citrix Technology Professionals (CTPs), the Nutanix Technology Champions (NTCs), and the wildly popular Geek Speak event series, that helped pave the way for the thriving tech community we’re all a part of today.

Advances in technology over the past 20 years have allowed us to establish our current digital workplace, where we have the freedom to work from anywhere on the devices we like best. It’s mind-boggling that the pandemic hit just as we have become equipped to handle it from a technology perspective. If we were even a few years back, businesses, agencies, and schools couldn’t have adapted to remote work so quickly, and 2020 would have seen a much greater, lengthier halt in production, services, education—let’s face it—pretty much everything we’ve come to rely on in our everyday lives. This is HUGE, and I just want to say kudos to my tech comrades across the globe, whose passion for innovation and dedication to excellence has been making such a significant impact across the board.

This is why, when the opportunity arose for me to be part of a groundbreaking team that’s making this kind of real-life magic happen, I jumped in with both feet. I joined Workspot because I want to continue to collaborate with “the smartest guys and gals in the room;” to contribute to next-gen innovation and the kinds of game-changing achievements that dictate evolution; to do my part to make a positive impact on how we think, work, and live. Workspot is doing now what we’d talked about for years in our “Future of IT” and “Cloud Computing” discussions—instant, secure, and scalable cloud desktop delivery, without any of the lingering complexities or residual pain points that many of us had argued might still be inevitable.

We all know that the world has quickly and fundamentally changed. We also know that remote work for many is here to stay. And from what we’ve seen, our collective hard work and dedication to the enterprise tech industry to date is helping to make it possible for organizations worldwide to keep their lights on—no matter what. Continuing to innovate in this critical area is fundamental. Only with the ongoing evolution of our tools and our mindshare, can we be ready to meet these kinds of universal life-altering challenges head-on. Count me in.


Laura Whalen
Community Manager