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Why User Experience is the Holy Grail of Cloud PC Customer Success

We find that many of our customers are happily surprised when we let them know that User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is a core component of our customer onboarding process early-on during the Proof of Value (POV) stage. They’re surprised because many vendors don’t consider this a requirement for cloud PC customer success – their priority is making sure it works well on the administrator side, then rolling it out to production and calling it day.

At a time not so long ago, this was okay with the customer, as their focus was typically on reducing IT costs and streamlining IT operations. These days, with remote and hybrid work, distributed workforces, and BYOD policies as the norm, end-users have more control than ever, and as such, they’ve become a critical part of an IT solution’s success. If their needs are not being met by a desktop solution, they’re not happy and often try to bypass the solution to get their work done. This is a devastating reality for IT teams because it opens the organization up to a myriad of problems, including significant enterprise-wide security risks.


By putting them in the driver’s seat. Workspot was built on the foundation of the customer-first mentality, which is why every facet of our organization is driven by customer experience. As we engage with organizations from the get-go, we put ourselves in their shoes by first acquiring a deep understanding of their corporate priorities, as well as their administrator and end-user needs, and work with them in lockstep to build out the best possible and most flexible cloud PC solution to meet their current requirements, and to proactively address potential future challenges head-on. Because of our unique Workspot Desktop Control Fabric architecture, not only are we able to put every desktop in the region closest to each user, but we can also work with the customer to validate every user scenario prior to adoption, to make sure they roll out the optimal experience.


Not even close! Once we’ve completed our robust, user-centric POV phase and moved customers into production, our sophisticated Network Operations Center (NOC), continues to monitor and manage the customer environment in real-time at a global level, across all regions and users, to deliver industry-leading desktop SLA and optimal user experience. In additional to monitoring overall health 24X7, we watch how each user is performing, when they are active, and how much CPU is being consumed. Workspot’s NOC is always aware of system and user status, and if there are issues with or potential for latency or other problems that could impact system integrity or user experience, our operations team immediately alerts the customer and works with them to resolve it.

Some of our customers opt to go even deeper into understanding end-user trends to ensure they are always proactively mitigating potential risks. Because of this, we partner with Lakeside Software and integrate their product, SysTrack, for real-time and historical analysis of performance and usage data to further increase transparency, discover trends, and auto-remediate issues to avoid or minimize user-level and global-level impact. For example, SysTrack can discover specific IT resources that may be impacting user experience and productivity.

Workspot works closely with Lakeside Software and SysTrack to help identify the root cause of performance issues. For instance, if an end-user is limited by disk, memory, CPU, or latency, we dive in to determine the cause and fine-tune the system to remedy the issue. One scenario we found was with a call center’s key application that was experiencing performance problems. After digging deeper using SysTrack, we discovered that the application had hard-coded some network shares, and network routing was not configured to allow for this. Once identified, we worked with the customer to correct their routing, and the application worked flawlessly.


To provide real-world insight into how important user experience is to organizations today, here are three examples of Workspot cloud PC customers that put their end-users first, because they truly understand the critical role they play in the overall success of the business.

  • Global Manufacturer. During the POV stage, an IT team lead traveled to each region of the global organization to personally test and validate Workspot end-user performance to ensure that every user, no matter their user type or where they are located, got an optimal, consistent experience.
  • US Construction Company. The IT team’s priority was to bypass a user profile management system, and instead, provide their 230+ end-users with a fully seamless transition from their previous desktop solution to their new Workspot cloud desktops. They hired a dedicated team of contractors to log into each user’s custom desktop and get everything set up for that user exactly as it had been configured with the previous solution. We worked with them to determine the best strategy for this process and what the process looked like, and they executed the process through to completion.
  • Global Law Firm. The IT organization treats their end-users like customers – with a high-touch, white glove approach that puts their IT consumers at the center of everything they do. They strive to understand the unique needs of all their users, and with this insight, they have built and continue to maintain a positive relationship and experience with their end-users. Workspot’s Cloud PC solution is at the heart of this user-centric approach.


We believe it is user experience that matters most, so our customers—from admins to end-users—have the tools and resources they need to achieve high productivity and meet their business objectives. Our mission is to provide virtual desktops that both IT teams and end-users love. That’s why our customer success remains best-in-class, and our customers across the board tell us that they love Workspot.