Legacy Data Centers are Over Provisioned

Some organizations have widely different baseline and peak requirements. For example, in a school district, peak usage during test-taking season may be 3-4x higher than normal usage. Or for a college or university, peak usage may be much higher during exam weeks. Or for a retailer, usage may be 3-4x higher during the holiday season.

In the past, the only way to meet these peak usage scenarios was to over-provision the data center. But if the peak is 3-4x the normal usage, this results in 3-4x over-provisioning for short periods of peak usage.

Burst Mode DaaS


Desktops as a Service is a perfect solution for peak usage scenarios. IT can provision for baseline usage in their existing data centers, and plan for peak usage by “bursting” into the cloud. IT creates a cloud data center with the desktop image ready to go. Depending on whether the peak usage scenarios are planned or unplanned, capacity can be reserved in the cloud and new capacity is consumed when peak usage occurs.

Workspot’s CEO distills the relationship between architecture and the challenges faced by DaaS providers.