Advisor 360 Strengthens Infosec, Reduces OpEx with Cloud Desktops

Workspot selected from among four competitive solutions.

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Advisor 360 is a wealth management industry consultant, providing a comprehensive client and business management platform to full service brokerage, financial planning, private banking and insurance companies.


As a technology provider to the financial services industry, Advisor 360 engages with developers worldwide to continually enhance their solutions. To provide secure access to remote developers, they had been using an on-premises VDI solution that delivered non-persistent desktops to remote developers. However, the solution had become too complex and expensive to maintain, requiring valuable engineering cycles to keep it running. Additionally, users were not happy with non-persistent desktops. Despite their use of various tools to improve the end-user experience, this remained an issue. The company decided it was time to move desktop workloads to the cloud for their remote developers, de-emphasize their data center, and reduce the level of valuable IT resources being spent to maintain hardware. As a next step, they evaluated 5 cloud VDI solutions but found that most either lacked maturity or were too complex and still required infrastructure and solution management.  On that basis, 3 of the 5 vendors on their shortlist were eliminated. The Advisor 360 team, which had deep experience with on-prem VDI, was determined to find a comprehensive, turnkey desktop-as-a-service solution and a strong partner with whom they could collaborate on an ongoing basis. When Matt Hallenborg, Senior Systems Engineer for Technical Operations was referred to Workspot by his Microsoft representative, they decided to conduct a POC “bakeoff” with Workspot and one other vendor to determine who could provide the best cloud virtual desktop solution and the strongest partnership.


Unlike the competition, Workspot’s expert pre-sales team had the POC up and running in a few days.  Matt describes a seamless Workspot POC process that involved seasoned experts with strong Azure expertise, “that gave Workspot an edge.” The Workspot admin console was modern and easy for them to use, and they found Workspot functionality to be the best overall, leading to the cross-functional buying committee to unanimously vote for Workspot. From there, a seamless transition from pre-sales to Workspot’s Customer Success Team, who would take the implementation into production, was a well-orchestrated process that made all the difference. Today, the company’s remote developers use Workspot as their primary desktop, and they’re all managed just like a laptop, dramatically simplifying IT processes.


  • Significant reduction in OpEx
  • Far fewer Helpdesk tickets
  • Users are much happier with persistent desktops and the overall experience
  • Simplified IT process while staying in control of cloud desktops
  • Even stronger infosec & agility to spin up new desktops in minutes


“It was a unanimous decision to select Workspot."

“We were looking for a partnership; Workspot has a much better model – it’s a more collaborative relationship.”


Matt Hallenborg

Senior Systems Engineer, Technical Operations