Next generation 100% cloud control plane architecture

We have moved the control/management functionality of the entire VDI 1.0 stack – brokers, load balancers, storefronts, licensing servers, database servers – into the cloud.

We have separated our control and data planes, so that the cloud control does not degrade security or availability.. Control signals (add new apps, add new users, or new policies) flow between the Workspot client and Workspot Control. Data flows directly between the Workspot client and the application, e.g., SAP,, etc. You don’t have to move your apps into our cloud.  No data flows through our cloud. We don’t store credentials in our cloud. This separation between control and data planes is very critical for security, availability, and performance.

Workspot Single Pane of Glass 2


Workspot enables hybrid multi-site deployments

Legacy data center architectures are complex and expensive and deliver poor end user experience.

With Workspot’s unique control plane architecture, IT can place the VDI hosts in any geographical location and operate them from a single pane of glass in the cloud. By reducing the latency and removing the performance killing hops found in VDI 1.0, users can now log in in seconds. And what’s more, the availability of the desktop no longer depends on the availability of the network between the remote office and the main data center.

Workspot + Azure enables a paradigm shift:

  • Leverage Azure to deploy zero capex data centers closer to users
  • Deploy in Azure and/or on-premises
  • Don’t over provision, leverage burst mode for peak usage

From a single pane of glass, IT can deploy and manage virtual desktops and applications in multiple data centers across the world spanning cloud and on-premises.  Instead of IT having to worry about consolidating data centers, they can now choose to place data centers closer to their users, either in zero CapEx data centers in the cloud or physical data centers.


Delivering multi-site with VDI 1.0 is hard

For many organizations, half of the workforce is remote from the data center.  VDI 1.0 requires the installation of a complete VDI infrastructure and the hiring of VDI trained staff at each site, which is cost prohibitive and operationally complex. For cost and complexity reasons, even large companies are forced to consolidate data centers into 2-3 sites for all their users. Smaller companies may choose to have only one data center at head quarters.



Enterprise-ready cloud security. Verified.

Our cloud control plane architecture is runs on the Amazon Cloud.  Security is a top priority at Workspot and part of every phase from the design to test, and finally release to production.

  1. Workspot’s cloud service is designed with data protection, identity verification, availability of our cloud service, and multi-tenancy privacy in mind.
  2. We have stringent security policies in place for developing and deploying our products.
  3. We have implemented a state-of-the-art security architecture with continuous monitoring and penetration testing of all layers in our infrastructure and application stack.

And this is independently verified by Skyhigh Networks.  Workspot has achieved “Enterprise-Ready” provider status in Skyhigh Networks’ CloudTrust program.

Click here for more information CloudTrust Program.

Learn more about how Workspot delivers better reliability, availability, and scalability.

Cloud Control Plane