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Virtual Desktops for Ransomware Recovery

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The Catastrophic Cost of a Ransomware Attack

Ransomware recovery is a hot topic these days. Despite billions of dollars being spent to thwart ransomware attacks, an astonishing 66% of companies were victims of ransomware in 2021 according to Sophos’ report “The State of Ransomware 2022.” And according to the “Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report,” ransomware attacks surged by 13% in 2022 with ransomware involved in 25% of all breaches.

The average length of business interruption after a ransomware attack is 20 -30 days. Can your business afford that much downtime?

Everything about ransomware is on the rise –  volume of attacks, threat sophistication, ransom demands and average ransom payments, and no organization is immune. The growing incident-rate data tells us an attack is almost inevitable, so it’s not enough to take defensive steps. Ransomware recovery must be a focus because:

  • Recovering from an attack takes weeks while your business productivity plummets
  • During the attack, employees are largely unproductive because their PCs are infected
  • For an organization of 1000 people, losing productivity for a month can cost millions of dollars
  • Companies, supply chains and reputations can be devastated by a ransomware attack

Ransom payments a side, the cost of lost productivity can cost millions.

A Major Gap in Your Ransomware Recovery Strategy: Access

Most cybersecurity experts agree that it’s not a matter of “if” your company will be victimized, but “when.” Will you be able to resume productivity within an hour?

You need new strategies to cope. During this on-demand webinar, experts from Google, NetApp and Workspot present the latest innovation for your ransomware defense and ransomware recovery strategy. Watch the on-demand webinar now to hear best practices for keeping your business up and running during the ransomware remediation process. We’ll show you how to get back to productivity fast – often within one hour of an attack.

Featured Speakers:

Jimmy Chang, Chief Product Officer, Workspot
Brian Wink, Director of GCP Solutions Engineering, NetApp
Dr. Wade Holmes, Head of Security Management, Google

On-demand webinar: Ransomware Recovery with Google, NetApp and Workspot

Inexpensive Access via Isolated Virtual Desktops

Most enterprises have already taken defensive steps against security breaches and ransomware. But as the saying goes, the best defense is a great offense. Workspot virtual desktops are your offensive strategy for ransomware recovery.

According to IBM and the Ponemon Institute, the average cost of a ransomware attack is $4.54 million. For a 1000 person organization, average loss in productivity during a month of downtime can equal upwards of $10 million. And this does not consider damage to your brand’s reputation.

The Workspot Virtual Desktops for Ransomware Recovery solution:

  • Guarantees capacity for tens of thousands of users by seamlessly distributing virtual desktops across multiple clouds and multiple cloud regions
  • Enables users to access an isolated virtual desktop environment within an hour of an attack by simply logging in from a web browser
  • Automatically assigns each end user to the nearest cloud region with capacity
  • Is customized and always available on “stand-by” for as low as $15 per user, per month; consumption charges apply when activated

Virtual Desktops for Ransomware Recovery are distributed across multiple clouds and cloud regions to ensure capacity on-demand.

Benefits of Virtual Desktops for Ransomware Recovery

The Workspot Virtual Desktops for Ransomware Recovery solution was developed to mitigate the financial and reputation damage that occurs when an organization is victimized. The solution provides access to a virtual desktop for all your employees within 1 hour – allowing you to get back to business while you work with your insurance company toward a resolution. Productivity loss after an attack can have the greatest impact on your organization – far more devastating than a ransom payment. Take back control with Workspot virtual desktops!


Save millions in lost productivity


In the event of an attack, your business downtime – on average – will be 30 days. How much will that cost your organization? With Workspot Virtual Desktops for Ransomware Recovery:

  • You pay as low as $15 per user, per month for the peace of mind of ever-ready virtual desktops
  • Users easily access their virtual desktops from any unaffected device and can get back to work within 1 hour
  • Innovative capacity management capabilities ensure cloud capacity when you need it
Close a major business-continuity gap

CIOs and CISOs recognize the gap in ransomware preparation, yet the resources required to implement traditional solutions are too great and the coverage too limited. Workspot innovation offers a better way that is affordable and accessible to the entire company as soon as an attack is detected.

  • In the worst case scenario, business productivity can continue
  • Virtual Desktops for Ransomware Recovery are simple to implement and activate
  • IT teams can focus on remediation while business productivity resumes


Simplify ransomware recovery and get back to business

During a ransomware attack, you’ll experience a complex set of interactions with advisors, lawyers, insurance representatives and the perpetrators. This process can be overwhelming. With Workspot Cloud PCs, IT and business leaders can take the complexity of restoring employee PCs off the table and focus on the other aspects of recovery.

  • Accommodate tens of thousands of affected employees within an hour
  • The Workspot Enterprise VDI Platform is simple to use, requiring minimal IT resources
  • Employee access to virtual desktops enables them to continue serving your customers




A seamless Workspot POC process with seasoned experts who had strong Azure expertise gave Workspot an edge. It was a unanimous decision to select Workspot.”

Advisor 360 – Financial Services

Workspot on Google Cloud is the perfect combination of price performance and simplicity.”

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Biopharmaceutical Manufacturer

Flexibility and disaster recovery are strong arguments for choosing Workspot. The cloud approach secures our data better, and we are much better prepared for a business continuity event with the built-in disaster recovery capabilities of cloud desktops.”

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