How Much Can You Save With
Workspot Cloud Desktops?

High VDI Cost & Unsustainable Complexity are History

Workspot built the Cloud Desktop Fabric™ from the ground up as a cloud-native solution. We solve the problems of runaway VDI cost and complexity with a turnkey, cloud desktop service that transforms enterprises. 

As you evaluate virtual desktop solutions, know that architecture matters. The right architecture makes it possible for you to simplify management, gain flexibility, ensure robust security, scale in minutes globally, and deliver amazing performance to your users. Why bother with anything less?

The cost of VDI is just one consideration and it can be deceiving, with many hidden costs. Our expert team will help you bust through the marketing hype and arrive at the best way to meet your requirements. 

Read the Executive Brief to compare the TCO of virtual desktop approaches.

Architecture Matters: The Workspot Cloud Desktop Fabric
For cloud desktop solutions, architecture matters, because architecture determines whether you can get the performance you need, whether you’ll be able to enforce Zero Trust Security, whether you can scale your solution globally in minutes, and more.