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Collaborate securely on 3D CAD models with cloud workstations

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The Problem

In many industries, including Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC), Manufacturing and Life Sciences, secure collaboration on 3D CAD models is imperative for accelerating project completion, but collaboration among people in geographically separated offices or with external project partners is difficult, creating project bottlenecks that inhibit productivity. IT leaders have attempted to solve this problem by adopting a variety of technologies such as legacy VDI solutions, VPNs for remote work, physical workstations connected over a WAN, and others. These technologies introduce a host of issues that not only negatively affect user productivity, but also increase IT cost and complexity:

  • Lack of performance
  • Unreliable user experience
  • IP security concerns
  • Data management problems

Collaboration across project teams in multiple locations is difficult and can hinder productivity.

The Solution

The Workspot Enterprise Desktop Cloud™ platform provides a holistic, simple approach that ensures high productivity for power users, and low cost and complexity for IT and the business.

  • Blazing Fast Performance: We leverage Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud global regions to provision highly secure cloud workstations with minimal latency to ensure high performance for all your CAD and office productivity applications.
  • Exceptional User Experience: Data can be co-located with compute within the cloud to ensure fast file read/write times, and fluid 3D CAD  model creation. There is no data corruption or loss, even if your connection to the cloud workstation breaks.
  • Highly Secure: Cloud workstations are not susceptible to theft, loss, malware. There is no data at any edge device or appliance, and our highly secure architecture ensures data encryption both in motion and at rest.
  • Ease of Collaboration: Since all data is centrally located, CAD and BIM engineers can collaboratively work from a common data environment, minimizing errors and rework.

With Workspot, power users collaborate in a common data environment and enjoy exceptional performance.

The Benefits

Now, high-performance computing happens in the cloud, and power users can be productive anywhere.

Secure collaboration across project teams – globally
  • Project teams are more productive when they work together in real-time
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Anywhere-creativity aligns with innovation culture
Future-proof technology for end user computing
  • Automatically take advantage of SaaS platform enhancements
  • Always have the latest cloud desktops and workstations
  • Alleviates IT teams from tedious desktop maintenance tasks
Strengthen IP security
  • Keep corporate data off endpoints and safely in the cloud
  • Easily monitor end-user activity globally to strengthen zero-trust security policies
  • Maintain data compliance with local regulations
Lower end user computing TCO
  • Eliminate logistics and related costs of shipping hardware back and forth
  • Reduce cost of maintaining and supporting physical hardware & complex virtual desktops
  • Enable end-user device independence and save on endpoint costs

A seamless Workspot POC process with seasoned experts who had strong Azure expertise gave Workspot an edge. It was a unanimous decision to select Workspot.”

Matt Hallenborg, Senior Systems Engineer, Technical Operations

Workspot on Google Cloud is the perfect combination of price performance and simplicity.”

Civil Engineering

Flexibility and disaster recovery are strong arguments for choosing Workspot. The cloud approach secures our data better, and we are much better prepared for a business continuity event with the built-in disaster recovery capabilities of cloud desktops.”


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