Complex, Legacy VDI is History

The legacy VDI stack is notoriously complex, and complexity gets expensive fast. IT teams must plan, size, and architect the solution, then procure the servers, storage, and VDI software needed, and pay expensive people to deploy and operate the stack. The deployment process can take months – sometimes years – for complex projects. Worse, there’s the ongoing operational complexity – upgrading servers, storage, VDI software, end points, end point software, troubleshooting end user connectivity and grappling with performance problems. This all costs money. After all this, you end up with a single data center deployment that limits your growth opportunities.

CIOs spend money – at every layer of the legacy VDI stack – for every user, every month, forever. The cost of managing complexity adds up fast.

Offload Complexity to SaaS Cloud Desktops

Turnkey Service: Uber, or build your own car? Workspot, or assemble your own VDI stack? The answer is easy. The Workspot Enterprise Desktop Cloud platform is a 100% cloud-native SaaS solution that deploys Windows 10 cloud desktops in days and scales globally in minutes. We deliver the infrastructure and the software stack as an integrated solution, so you can focus your valuable resources elsewhere.

Simple Configuration: Simply choose the CPU, memory, and storage configuration for your Windows 10 cloud desktops and workstations. Onboard users in minutes.

Flat-Rate Pricing: There’s no reason for you to be surprised by cloud compute costs. Our flat-rate pricing gives you complete predictability, all wrapped up in a single Workspot bill that includes cloud compute costs for your cloud desktops.

99.95% PC SLA: We are responsible for the Service Level Agreement (SLA) of your Workspot cloud desktops. Our SaaS cloud desktops alleviate IT teams from “keeping the lights on” tasks.

Workspot eliminates virtual desktop complexity for IT teams.
Use your current ITSM system to spin up cloud desktops in minutes.

Get Ready to Grow

Business is so dynamic today that it requires great agility to pursue new opportunities. New employees and contractors join the company or change locations somewhere in the world. It takes weeks or months to provision a traditional desktop for them, resulting in significant lost productivity and unnecessary costs. What if you could integrate with your existing ITSM workflows and provision a cloud desktop in any part of the globe in minutes? You can. Our ServiceNow integration enables you to implement an automated workflow for provisioning cloud desktops, streamlining the onboarding process and getting people productive fast!

Compare Workspot to Other Solutions

The giant leap from legacy VDI to the Workspot Enterprise Desktop Cloud platform.
  • Legacy VDI is a DIY solution built for a single tenant in a single data center. The control and data plane is tightly integrated within the single data center, limiting scalability and introducing security concerns.
  • Broker as a Service offerings are based on legacy VDI. These vendors created a multi-tenant service to deliver the broker functions. But in doing so, these solutions often compromise on key enterprise features such as custom authentication and custom security.
  • Desktop as a Service solutions such as Amazon WorkSpaces are built as multi-tenant, turnkey solutions. These solutions have limitations in meeting enterprise requirements since they don’t accommodate custom images, custom tools, or custom authentication.
  • Workspot’s Enterprise Desktop Cloud platform is 100% cloud-native SaaS built on an innovative foundation – the Workspot Desktop Control Fabric™. We separated the control and data planes to ensure low latency deployments for outstanding performance and to support enterprise requirements such as Zero Trust Security and on-demand scalability.

Cloud Desktop Savings Calculator: How Much Can You Save?

Compare the costs associated with on-premises legacy VDI to Workspot
cloud desktops and workstations. You’re in for a surprise!