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Global Manufacturer Engages Contract Engineers and Secures IP with Cloud Workstations

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Röhm is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of methacrylate chemicals. The company has 80 years of experience in methacrylate chemistry and an unmatched technology platform.


In 2019 Röhm embarked on a project to build a new MMA plant. Having become an independent company that same year, they were taking an entirely different approach to designing and building the plant, which required using engineering resources from several partner companies. With valuable intellectual property (IP) at stake, app and data security was a key concern, and the IT team had stringent requirements for moving data and desktop workloads to Microsoft Azure. Additionally, engineers would need high-speed access to Röhm’s design platform – “performance-critical” software that required very low latency conditions.


• Move data to Microsoft Azure
• Deploy Workspot cloud workstations to each project team member
• Make use of a layered security approach including MFA and MIP
• Provide corporate-owned endpoints to employees and support BYOD for contractors
• Downsize physical workstation fleet

When the 2020 COVID pandemic struck, Röhm had already deployed their Workspot solution. As a result, their transition to remote work was instantaneous, and project teams continued their work as usual. Today the firm is well-positioned to support a hybrid work model, while also improving productivity, strengthening security and being prepared


• On-time project delivery despite a disrupted business environment
• Proved the value of using external resources, even when geographically dispersed
• Ability to access the best people for the project
• Better collaboration reduced the need for travel
• Reinforced, Zero Trust Security for end user computing

“We've had a very successful experience with Workspot."



“3D modeling is very demanding from a performance perspective. This is where Workspot was really, really, helpful.
If we did not have this solution, it would be difficult for the engineers to work productively.”

– Helio Takahashi, Project Director



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