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Torti Gallas Rethinks IT Infrastructure from a Cloud Perspective

Growing architectural firm selected Workspot cloud workstations to simplify IT and grow the business faster.

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Torti Gallas + Partners is one of the largest planning and architectural firms in the United States. With a focus on New Urbanism, the firm addresses all scales of master planning and building design projects in the residential, mixed-use, retail placemaking, transit-oriented, and commercial markets.


Torti Gallas had grown quickly from two offices to six, including a team in Istanbul. With the rapid growth they were experiencing, physical workstation provisioning and management could not keep up with the demands of the business. More importantly, physical workstations limited the ability of CAD users to collaborate effectively across geographically dispersed project team members. They evaluated traditional virtual desktop solutions – both on-premises and cloud-based – and found the upfront costs to be prohibitively expensive and the infrastructure costly and complex to maintain. The ultimate show-stopper for the alternatives they tried was poor performance that made power users less productive.


IT Director Omer Mushahwar initially heard about Workspot cloud workstations from an industry colleague, and then later connected with Workspot at the Autodesk University conference. After experiencing the sticker shock of other approaches, the simplicity and low up-front costs of Workspot’s solution looked promising.

“We were impressed that the Workspot solution is totally turnkey. We could get new workstations online in a matter of minutes,” Mushahwar said. “That kind of flexibility – and the high up-front costs we found with a lot of other vendors – made going with Workspot a no-brainer.” Once the firm’s BIM (Business Information Modeling) managers were able to experience the outstanding performance of the solution, they were sold. Having multi-monitor support was an added bonus!

  • Workspot Workstation Cloud in Microsoft Azure
  • Workspot Desktop Cloud in Microsoft Azure
  • Drafters use BIM software on cloud workstations


  • Savings of at least $7000-$8000 per workstation
  • Predictable long-term expenses
  • Reduced workload for IT team
  • Ability to expand the business to any geography
  • More timely responsiveness to users’ needs
  • Competitive advantage through improved collaboration and productivity
  • Recruiting and retention benefits through remote work support

“Workspot's simplicity and minimal start-up costs really spoke to us."



“Unlike with other cloud VDI solutions, with Workspot my team did not need to be Azure experts. We were basically handed the keys to the Ferrari!”

Omer Mushahwar – IT Director