International Justice Mission

Workspot delivers critical business services to global human rights employees at The International Justice Mission

The Client

The International Justice Mission (IJM) is a non-profit human rights organization Workspace as a Service - The International Justice Missionthat operates in countries all over the world to rescue and protect victims of human rights abuse. In more than 20 communities worldwide, IJM has protected over 18,000 people, and is actively helping more than 4,000 people to leave lives under oppression and rebuild their lives through extensive victim aftercare. IJM employs a global team of lawyers, social workers, investigators and other professionals. IJM operates in teams across the globe to leverage regional understanding of applicable legal statute, language and culture to bring timely change to affected communities.

The Challenge: Increase IT agility

IJM’s team of 800 users dispersed across five continents represents a significant IT challenge for a modest team of one dozen dedicated IT specialists. It’s a resource challenge compounded by an ever increasing spectrum of responsibilities that today includes everything from configuring and troubleshooting devices, maintaining critical servers, to even developing in house applications. To increase IT agility, IJM shifted its strategy from managing individual apps and servers in house to delivering a suite of user productivity apps from the cloud. “I redefined my team’s focus from troubleshooting and managing servers to delivering productivity solutions,” says Chris McPeek, Director of Global Systems & Infrastructure, The International Justice Mission. ”My roadmap moves existing on premise applications, like email, HR, ERP, and content repositories, to SaaS solutions. Adopting cloud solutions relieves my team from excessive first line support and server management, enabling them to focus on solving high value business problems such as optimizing the user experience accessing apps remotely, reducing OpEx, developing internal web apps, and increasing the mobility of our global workforce.” Mobilizing users presents a unique set of challenges. IJM needs to maintain security at both the device and app level for managed and unmanaged BYO mobile devices. With a significant percentage of users based in remote countries with limited or inconsistent infrastructure, the mobility solution has to be reliable. “We started with a mobile solution that met our device security needs, but it wasn’t reliable,” says McPeek. “My team was consumed with troubleshooting end user devices. That solution also required us to manage on premise appliances, which adds to the total cost of ownership. So ultimately that solution didn’t align with my strategic goals for a more agile IT.”

The Solution: Workspot secures managed and unmanaged mobile devices

IJM chose Workspot to enable over 200 IJM users with reliable, secure network connections in any IJM office worldwide. Users connect easily without having to manually enter network credentials. Workspot also securely delivers apps and data to any device. Designed for frictionless access to all apps and data from any device, Workspot drives end user adoption of both managed and unmanaged (BYO) devices. Workspot is a 100% cloud based service and with zero datacenter footprint. Unlike other solutions that require on premise appliances, Workspot leverages the existing VPN to connect users to web, Windows, native apps and content repositories.

“Workspot aligns with my roadmap of delivering services from the cloud for a more agile IT, and with zero footprint in the datacenter it reduces my overall operating expenses,” says McPeek.

Benefits: Balances usability and security across platforms

Using Workspot Control, which is Workspot’s cloud based management console, IJM provisions security and network policies, such as device passcode and WiFi security settings, to employee mobile devices. Workspot provisioning enables IJM’s IT to configure devices for access without sharing sensitive configuration information with end users and thus maintains security without impacting the user experience. Lost devices are remotely wiped from the Workspot cloud. For IJM, Workspot balances usability and security across each one of its platforms. “We’re always looking for the best productivity tools for our field teams.” says McPeek. ”As an NGO with a global footprint, we have to be able to support locally sourced equipment without ballooning our support costs. We use Workspot today to provision both iOS and Android devices.”