DaaS 2.0 is a 100% cloud solution.
The control plane is in the cloud.
And your desktops run in the Azure region closest to your users.


All-cloud means faster deployment and zero CapEx

Workspot’s DaaS 2.0 solution is an all-cloud solution that dramatically simplifies VDI and reduces TCO. The load balancing, brokering, databases, portal, configuration, monitoring, and image management functionalities are now a cloud-centric service, requiring no deployment or ongoing maintenance resources. Similarly, virtual desktops are deployed in a cloud. You don’t need to procure any servers, storage, or networking in order to get started. DaaS 2.o TCO is dramatically lower than traditional DaaS or VDI solutions.

Calculating VDI TCO the right way so there are no surprises later

There’s more to TCO than CapEx of VDI licenses + hardware. For many companies, the ultimate TCO of VDI is higher than expected because of how it has been traditionally calculated. Many companies fall into the trap of only comparing and analyzing the upfront CapEx for VDI licenses and server hardware. This simplifies the TCO calculation, but underestimates, or even overlooks, many significant CapEx and OpEx costs.


Ready to compare the TCO numbers?