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100% cloud-native SaaS. Workspot is Different.

The data center era is over. At Workspot, we believe that the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model is the most secure, accessible, and cost-effective way to deliver an enterprise desktop and it’s central to accelerating the digital transformation of the modern enterprise. 

Workspot is the Enterprise Desktop Cloud company. In contrast to complex do-it-yourself (DIY) virtual desktop solutions, we offer the only SaaS platform that delivers enterprise-class, desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) with a 100% cloud-native architecture. This innovative service lets IT provision Windows 10 cloud desktops, GPU cloud workstations, and apps in minutes – not months.

With Workspot, you can leverage the global cloud regions of Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud to place desktops and applications closest to the users who need them, fueling your business agility. Securely deliver exactly the right compute capabilities for each user, on any device, whether they are call center employees, knowledge workers, or even power users who will not compromise on performance, such as engineers using 3D CAD applications.

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Deploy in Days

The industry’s fastest time-to-value. Scale across multiple clouds in minutes.

All-Day Productivity

Low-latency cloud desktops deliver exceptional performance that keeps every user happy.

Simple to Operate

We take the responsibility for upgrades and the business SLA of your cloud desktops.

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Flawless performance from anywhere

VDI is ineffective for distributed organizations because it was designed for a single data center, and its high costs and complexity make it prohibitive to deploy in multiple locations. As a result, remote users suffer slow performance that kills productivity.

Workspot cloud desktops are delivered from hyper-scale public cloud providers, including Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, and placed in the cloud region nearest each user – usually within 50 ms latency. Your users benefit from the low latency, high bandwidth connectivity (>1Gbps upload and download speeds) from cloud providers. Even the most demanding designers and engineers love the performance, and task and knowledge workers do too!

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Workspot cloud desktops are optimized for high-performance computing.

Workspot offloads the untenable complexity of
virtual desktops from IT teams.

Simple to deploy, scale & operate

Simplicity is the hallmark of our Enterprise Desktop Cloud platform. Unlike do-it-yourself (DIY) style virtual desktop offerings, the Workspot Desktop Cloud taps the reach and power of every region of global, hyperscale public clouds, all from a central console. All the underlying complexity is hidden from administrators and the platform is service-level managed by our 24×7 operations center.

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Engineered for the global enterprise

As an IT leader, you want to leverage your existing IT tools and processes because you don’t have time for re-training. The Workspot Enterprise Desktop Cloud Platform was built specifically for complex enterprise requirements.

Workspot cloud desktops and GPU Cloud workstations are completely customizable to meet your unique needs; use your image, security stack, MFA, and more. 

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Workspot’s real-time Network Operations Center gives us real-time
visibility into every user’s connectivity and alerts IT to issues.

Highest SLA and fastest time to recovery

We are responsible for your cloud desktop SLA, but we do much more. Workspot’s Network Operations Center gives us unified, real-time visibility into every Workspot user globally. We can quickly identify potential issues, such as connectivity, performance, or password errors so we can proactively alert IT, ensure end user uptime, and support business SLA excellence.

Comprehensive backup and multi-region disaster recovery capabilities further enhance business continuity and help you fulfill compliance requirements.

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Cloud desktops for Zero Trust Security

Over the last two decades, your IT organization has likely invested millions of dollars into creating a more secure laptop and desktop environment, including MFA, anti-virus, intrusion detection, malware detection, and other security software.

Workspot enables you to leverage all your investment in security. We made ground-breaking architectural decisions that make our cloud desktops more secure than any virtual desktop solution available today. We started by separating the control and data plane – no other solution does this, and it has massive implications for security. We have also implemented a customizable, behavioral events stream that allows you to see the data your organization needs to ensure data security and compliant operations.

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“Workspot has been wonderful to work with. Fast support response, regular check ins, and they are on board in helping us create new ways for us to do business.”


“With Workspot, some users are working more efficiently than before when they were working in an office. This is the desktop of the future!”


“Overall this is a great product at a fair price from a great company. We highly recommend Workspot.”