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Stop struggling with the cost, complexity, and performance of virtual desktops.

Workspot is Different.

Deploy in Days, Scale in Minutes

Our turnkey, enterprise-ready cloud desktop platform delivers the fastest time-to-value, helping you gain a competitive edge.

Users Love the Performance

Forget what you know about VDI. Workspot’s cloud desktop performance keeps every user happy and productive.

Industry-Leading Desktop SLA

No more micro-managing complexity. We take over the desktop service level agreement with 99.95% reliability.

New E-book from Workspot & Microsoft

Here’s what every IT leader needs to know about cloud desktops now.

Watch Now! Cloud Desktops Increase Productivity

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Gartner describes 3 areas of focus for disruption preparedness.

Engineered for the global enterprise.

IT leaders are seeking a solution that generates high employee productivity and keeps their organization secure. You need to customize everything and use your images, security policies, MFA, and more. Avoiding disruption to existing IT workflows and processes is important too because you don’t have time for re-training. Workspot reinvented virtual desktops with its Cloud Desktop Fabric™, built specifically for enterprise requirements. With global deployments that happen in a few weeks, industry-leading 99.95% desktop uptime and an unmatched, big data approach to business SLA, you can put your IT team to better use on more strategic projects. Additional capabilities include:

  • High availability and reliability
  • Designed for unmatched security
  • System-wide auditing & event log
  • Workflow automation
  • Integration with existing management tools
  • World-class deployment and support services

Israel Sumano’s vision for high-performance computing led him to Workspot & prepared the company well for remote working.
After implementing Workspot, CIO Brian Nordmann says the company has grown 300% with the same staffing levels.

Simple to deploy. Simple to operate.

Simplicity is the hallmark of our turnkey cloud desktop service – it was the primary driver for the innovation we’ve unleashed on the VDI industry. Today we are meeting complex enterprise requirements with a simple to operate, globally available cloud desktop service. Of course, technology plays a big role in balancing simplicity with enterprise-readiness – our architecture makes that possible – but it’s our expert Customer Success Team that ensures your initial and ongoing success.

  • Deployment in weeks
  • Hands-on, guided roll-out
  • Single pane of glass management across all cloud regions
  • Global scalability in minutes
  • Direct access for feature recommendations

Unparalleled performance.

Latency is a productivity killer for distributed organizations using legacy VDI. Because VDI was designed for a single data center, its high costs and complexity make it prohibitive to deploy in multiple data centers. Even some newer cloud solutions can’t solve the latency problem because of their architectures. In both cases, remote users suffer through slow performance. With Workspot, users won’t even notice latency. That’s because you place each cloud desktop in the cloud region nearest the user – usually within 50 ms latency. Even the most demanding CAD/BIM engineers love the performance!

  • Deploy cloud desktops in any cloud region globally
  • Place cloud desktops in the region nearest each user
  • App data races through Azure’s high-performance multi-gigabyte backbone
  • Users report performance that is often better than a physical PC
Rebecca Yu conducted a side-by-side performance test: Workspot compared to her deskside workstation. Here’s what she discovered.
What you don’t know can hurt you. Ask tough questions about cloud desktop security. Access the guide.

Unmatched security.

Among the many benefits of cloud desktops is the opportunity to improve your company‚Äôs information security posture. We made ground-breaking architecture decisions that make our cloud desktops more secure than any solution available today. Unlike many virtual desktop solutions, Workspot strengthens your Zero Trust Security goals. We started by separating the control and data plane – no other solution does this, and it has massive implications for security.

Architecture matters.

Workspot reinvented virtual desktop technology from the ground up to suit the massive scale of the cloud era. There are no shortcuts. We built a brand new, globally distributed architecture that is the foundation of our unmatched capabilities in cloud desktop performance, security, and scalability. In short, architecture really matters. Workspot’s patent-pending Cloud Desktop Fabric™ architecture affords enterprise IT teams the flexibility to completely transform end-user computing and pave the way for new business growth opportunities.

The virtual desktop solution architecture governs whether or not your requirements can be met. Learn more. Access the Executive Brief now.

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