Workspot is part of the F5 Technology Alliance Program

F5 and Workspot recognize the importance of secure access for enterprise BYOD users, and have partnered together to architect and offer a comprehensive application access solution for the mobile workforce. Now mobile workers can securely access enterprise applications like SharePoint, SAP, email, office documents, and other business critical applications through F5 BIG-IP APM.

Secure Mobile Workspace for BYOD

Enterprises have a unique challenge in managing and securing corporate data on mobile devices. While users require access to internal applications on mobile devices, organizations need to protect against data loss, security threats and compromised endpoints. Workspot provides a fully immersive work environment on mobile devices including a virtual file system and single sign-on.  The Workspot environment is seamlessly integrated with the F5 BIG-IP APM requiring no new software installs in the datacenter or additional mobile client downloads.

Secure Remote Access with Workspot and F5 APM
Secure Remote Access with Workspot and F5 APM

Key Benefits

  • Secure workspace for business applications and documents
  • Transparent F5 BIG-IP APM Integration
  • Enable BYOD without compromising security

Transparent Integration of F5 BIG-IP APM and Workspot to enable BYOD

Provide users, with a separate, secure workspace for office productivity tasks on their personal devices without changes or need to manage the user device.

Address DLP as Part of your BYOD Strategy

Maintain internal business applications in a secure, fully immersive environment via a single iPad or iPhone application.

Deliver Internal Applications onto iPad and iPhone Devices

With the Workspot immersive environment applications like SharePoint, Exchange and Intranet apps can be delivered securely onto your mobile devices without disrupting your personal application environment.

Gain Visibility into End Point Activity

In the context of the secured workspace environment, Workspot captures granular data of end user activity for end point visibility including: applications used, response time, documents end users download, pages printed, and bandwidth used by an application. This level of end point insight can be used to optimize overall application performance.

Get Started

Your apps. Their devices. No problem. Get going for free with Workspot. F5 administrators can download our deployment guide here BIG-IP Workspot Deployment Guide 1.2