Where do I find the Workspot Support Policies?

You’ll find the Workspot Support Policies on the Workspot Support page, here: https:/support-plans

What are the Workspot product SKUs?

Workspot currently offers a single Enterprise Edition product with annual subscription based licensing. Updates and maintenance are included in the subscription licensing.

How is Workspot licensed?

Workspot provides annual subscription licensing per named user; think of it as an Active Directory entry. With simple configuration by IT, each user can access an unlimited number of virtual desktops and applications on as many devices included in the subscription licensing.

Do you provide multi-year options?

Yes, we have many customers on 3 and 5 year plans. Multi-year plan with corresponding discounts can be made available. Please contact sales@workspot.com for more information.

Is Support and Maintenance included in the Workspot subscription licensing?

Yes, Standard Support and maintenance is included in the subscription licensing. See our Support Plans page for more information.

Do you provide concurrent user pricing options?

We provide subscription licensing per user only at the moment, but we can look to accommodate pricing needs on a case-by-case basis. Please contact sales@workspot.com for more information.

Are Microsoft licenses included in the Workspot subscription licensing?

No, Microsoft licenses need to be purchased separately; this in not unique to Workspot. Microsoft Windows Client OS is required for Workspot VDI. Microsoft Remote Desktop Services is required for remote application and desktop delivery. See Microsoft Windows 10 client OS licensing and this TechTarget Microsoft licensing article for some tips.

Do you host the actual Windows client desktop images in your cloud?

No, you keep full control of the resources needed to deliver in your datacenters including: virtual desktop images along with storage and compute, applications, and documents. Check out this video with our CTO explaining our unique architecture.

What data resides within Workspot servers?

No personally identifiable information (PII), sensitive credentials, or documents are stored within Workspot. Multi-tenant Workspot was designed with security in mind with only configuration, provisioning, and application usage data within Workspot Control.

Is there an on-premise version of Workspot Control on the roadmap?

Workspot was architected with multi-tenancy and security in mind while taking advantage of the instant scale and flexibility associated to cloud-based, microservices deployment. An on-premise version of Workspot Control is not in the immediate plans. Check out our CTO explaining why we chose our unique architecture.

How do customers get notified of upgrades and new features?

For IT administrators, new features and bug fixes are automatic within Workspot Control. Gone are the days of much time wasted applying patches and upgrades. For End-Users, they will be automatically prompted for client application upgrades corresponding to the specific device type. You can keep current via our product release notes. The latest client downloads are always available online.

Do you provide a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) licensing model?

Yes, we have a CSP specific licensing model available. Please inquire at partner@workspot.com. There is a blog post available on this CSP topic: delivering higher operating margins with Workspot VDI 2.0.