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Workspot is changing the way financial services organizations provision desktops. The Workspot Enterprise Desktop Cloud™ platform leverages global public cloud infrastructure to deliver new levels of security and productivity, positioning financial services firms well for new, global opportunities.

Financial Services Firms are Moving to the Cloud

It is imperative for the financial services industry to deliver customer service reliably and securely, and at the same time ensure high productivity for its employees and contractors. This requires no-compromises, highly secure, high-performance end user computing solutions that enable extraordinary levels of customer and employee satisfaction.

Workspot’s turnkey SaaS platform allows for secure access to virtual Windows 10 desktops, applications and high-performance GPU workstations from cloud regions across the world, on any end-point device. Workspot helps IT leaders in the financial services industry to achieve unprecedented business agility, while empowering their employees and contractors to work securely from anywhere.

Workspot’s cost-effective and scalable cloud solutions enable organizations in the Financial Services industry to protect against data/IP loss, enhance global collaboration among employees and contractors, streamline workflows, and reduce M&A on-boarding complexity and time, all with the scalability necessary to support enterprise use cases and high-performance data-science workloads.


“We chose Workspot over four competitors. It was a unanimous decision to select Workspot.”

-Matt Hallenborg, Senior Systems Engineer, Technical Operations


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Benefits of Cloud Desktops for Financial Services

Workspot cloud desktops provide benefits to multiple stakeholders in financial services organizations. Executives, IT management and end-users alike can achieve new levels of productivity and efficiency:

  • Augment data and IP security with the full power of security capabilities available within Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.  Data resides securely in your cloud subscription.
  • Reduce IT complexity by replacing physical desktops with Workspot and eliminate continuous hardware/software upgrades and maintenance. IT can simplify and consolidate infrastructure, make better use of constrained budgets, and redeploy IT staff to more strategic projects.
  • Employees get secure access to virtual desktops, apps and data from any location, on any device. They can collaborate in real-time on large, shared data files across project teams and locations.
  • Easily accommodate global contractors with restricted and secure access to only the apps and data needed to support specific projects.
  • Instantly and easily provision desktops for new users and quickly integrate external users during expansions and M&A without the need to hire expensive, specialized IT consultants.
  • Provide your data scientists and remote developers with high-powered, evergreen workstations for faster project turnarounds, a modern sandbox for testing, and better work-life balance.
  • Protect the firm with modern disaster recovery
    • Activate standby cloud desktops with one click
    • Fail-over to cloud desktops in an alternate cloud region to ensure uptime even in the event of a cloud regional outage