Workspot’s big data engine enhances IT’s visibility into every facet of day to day operations – security, performance and availability – reducing risk to uptime.

Detect abnormal behavior fast and before it becomes a problem

Most monitoring solutions try to identify the problem after it occurs. By then, helpdesk is overwhelmed by calls.

Monitoring VDI 2.0 takes a modern and proactive approach. We have instrumented the Workspot Client to collect all business activity performed inside Workspot in real-time. We track when an end user opens an application, when an end user downloads a document, when an end user previews page 6 of a document, and more. We collect this data and send it up to Workspot Control in real-time. Once the data is inside Workspot Control, it is immediately indexed and made searchable. You can search the data with keywords, by date, or use filters to narrow the data down by application name, device type, geo or network. Events data can also be uploaded to a risk management system you might already have in place, e.g., Splunk.

All Workspace Events are instrumented and reported in real-time for monitoring vdi

Last mile performance and uptime data for all applications and data within the workspace (workspot client)

See the end user experience

You have great tools today to understand what is happening with applications and networks inside your data centers. But as more computing happens outside the data center – on mobile devices and in the cloud – how do you better understand your end user’s experience? How would you like to know which applications are not meeting their SLAs? And which applications are bandwidth hogs? And many other questions. Our Reports module helps you analyze the end user experience.

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