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Legacy VDI Deployments Transfer Risk to Customers

Legacy virtual app and desktop solutions can take months to deploy. Often it can take more than a year for customers to determine if the software has delivered value, or not. In the legacy model, vendors transfer all risk of the purchase to their customers. They are paid up-front whether or not customers realize value.



No-Risk Customer Deployment

We believe that the legacy model for deploying enterprise software is broken. Why should customers take all the risk of buying software? Why should it take them years to determine whether the software adds value or not?

We are obsessed with making our customers successful, so we created a no-risk agreement that ensures we deliver value to our customers before we bill them.

Workspot Customer Success Process

Workspot has revolutionized delivery of virtual apps, desktops and GPU workstations with our next-generation VDI 2.0 solutions and our turnkey service for delivering Cloud Apps, Cloud Desktops and Cloud Workstations. The Workspot Customer Success Team works closely with each customer, every step of the way, to ensure fast time-to-value. Once the no-risk agreement is signed, the pilot process takes 2-6 weeks and includes the following steps:

  • Pre-deployment planning
  • Azure deployment or on-premises deployment
  • Pilot users
  • Ongoing support, maintenance and upgrades included

Our proven process spans detailed requirements discovery, automated provisioning of Cloud Apps, Cloud Desktops and Cloud Workstations in the Azure regions closest to users, and ongoing optimization of the environment, all facilitated by in-house Azure and VDI experts.  Once deployed, we make it even easier for our customers with flat-rate billing that includes Workspot, Azure compute, networking and storage. Our turnkey service eliminates the need for customers to hire expensive consultants, yet ensures a successful outcome – an industry first!


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