Desktops as a Service enables simpler, less expensive PC disaster recovery.

Desktops as a Service creates an innovative new method for PC disaster recovery. You can now have desktops in the cloud ready to go with your corporate applications and desktops. When an emergency is declared, these desktops can be activated and made available to end users. End users can connect to these desktops from anywhere using any device, including home PCs and Macs. Service Level Agreements (SLA) can range from a day to a few hours.



Combine PC Disaster Recovery w/ DaaS

You can choose to deploy DaaS for two different use cases at the same time:

(1) For one set of users, Desktops as a Service could be the primary method of accessing a Windows 10 desktop. These could be remote employees, contractors, or where security is paramount.

(2) For a second set of users, they could continue using physical desktops on a daily basis, but could have a backup desktop in the cloud in the event of an emergency.

These two services leverage the same architecture and the emergency scenarios benefit from daily users. The desktops will be up to date with the latest patches, required applications, etc. So there can be much faster SLAs for emergency scenarios.

Legacy PC Disaster Recovery is Complex and Expensive

Legacy PC disaster recovery solutions are complex and expensive. There are two options:

(1) Reserve first-come-first-served space in a disaster recovery site

(2) Reserver a trailer truck with physical recovery PCs that are delivered on site in the case of a disaster

Both these approaches have challenges are expensive. But they also have poor Service Level Agreements (SLA). It can take up to 72 hours for a working environment to be restored.


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