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Algiz Technology partnership with Workspot: VDI 2.0

Algiz Technology Provides the Fastest, Personalized Application and Desktop VDI 2.0 Integration in as Little as 60 Minutes

Workspot (www.workspot.com), the leading provider of VDI 2.0, has partnered with Algiz Technology (www.algiz-technology.com), a specialist virtualization and network security consultancy, to enable organizations to accelerate application virtualization and deploy complete virtualized desktops to users in as little as 60 minutes.

Through the partnership, applications delivered by next generation VDI 2.0 from Workspot will be available in record time using Algiz Technology’s virtualization process. Compared to traditional packaging which delivers one or two applications per day, Algiz can automatically process up to 250 applications per day ready to stream to target desktops. Now core products such as Microsoft Office and Google Chrome which are included in virtual workspaces delivered by Workspot can be quickly complemented by user-specific applications.

“The goal is, and has always been, to get applications to end-users quickly. Too many organizations are tempted by the promises of enterprise virtualization, but then are disappointed by the complexity, time and cost to make it all a reality. We’re partnering with Workspot because they think about VDI differently. They’re focused on simplifying application delivery for IT and delivering remote access performance for end users. Combining our expertise creates a disruptive application and desktop virtualisation solution that is simple, fast, and cost-effective,” says Tariq Mahmood, Founder of Algiz Technology.

Through this partnership, Algiz can help IT deploy virtualized desktops and applications in as little as 60 minutes. Company-wide virtualization projects that currently take months if not years, can now be completed in weeks.

“We’re excited to be working with Algiz to provide a comprehensive application delivery solution. Users will be able to access their work even faster and more efficiently because of the combination of Workspot VDI 2.0 and Algiz,” says Ty Wang, Co-Founder and Vice President at Workspot.

To learn more about how Algiz Technology can deliver end-to-end app virtualization + VDI 2.0, please visit www.algiz-technology.com/workspot