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Brad Peterson Podcast: ePodcast Network

Workspot’s Brad Peterson joins a podcast with ePodcast Network to discuss VDI:

  • Over the past decade there’s been a fundamental shift in the way we work. Bring your own device or BYOD and telecommuting now is commonplace for many jobs. Tell us how you came to develop the “workspace as a service”.
  • Although it’s been around for over a decade, the term VDI is not a household acronym. We are used to working with cloud computing. E.g. email in the cloud, or Office 365…. if all my worktools already reside in the cloud, and my company manages them in the cloud, how does the new VDI or VDI 2.0 differentiate from the user perspective?
    And from the company perspective, why do companies need a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)? Why is VDI 2.0 vital to the success of many enterprise and SMB companies today. If I understand correctly, the complexity and expense of managing the whole backend and infrastructure is overwhelming for most companies. How did Workspot solve this conundrum?
  • I see Workspot has recently partnered with HPE and, in the past, a few other big hyper converge companies like Nutanix and Atlantis Computing. What does this mean for the end user and how are you making VDI 2.0 accessible for all enterprises? Can you tell us how the old VDI compares to the newest VDI 2.0? And tell us how the Workspot VDI deals with content storage and company security.
  • As Millennials are taking over the workforce, do you think VDIs will take over the workplace for good, because it facilitates the Millennial lifestyle? How do you think this will impact the future of the workplace?

Listen to the podcast by clicking here.