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ChannelBuzz: Workspot to offer Desktop as a Service 2.0 on Azure

From ChannelBuzz.ca:

“Workspot, which has been challenging Citrix and VMware with its simple to deploy cloud VDI offering, is announcing a version tightly integrated with Azure that they expect will become the flagship product.

Today, at the Gartner Data Center, Infrastructure & Operations Management Conference, next-gen VDI vendor Workspot has announced they are extending their cloud-native, multi-tenant architecture to offer Desktop as a Service 2.0 (DaaS 2.0) on Microsoft Azure.

Workspot was founded four years ago by senior executives from Citrix and VMware, with the idea being to overcome the traditional limitations of legacy VDI. Amitabh Sinha, who had been General Manager for Enterprise Desktops and Apps at Citrix, is the CEO. Puneet Chawla, the founding engineer on VMware’s View product line, is the CTO. The company has been branding itself as VDI 2.0, offering a cloud-based solution which is much less complex, and far easier for partners to deploy.

The new offering, DaaS 2.0, is intended to be complementary to VDI 2.0, not a replacement for it, at least in the short and mid-term. It extends the original cloud-native, multi-tenant architecture to the Microsoft Azure platform, with which it is now tightly integrated.”

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