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CloudExpo: Interview with Brad Peterson, Workspot VP of Marketing

Workspot’s VP of Marketing, Brad Peterson, was recently interviewed by CloudExpo about new marketing methods for cloud software.

During the interview, Brad discussed his past experience at Citrix, his move to Workspot, and how business software companies can keep up the innovation pace –  without being replaced by the next big thing.

When asked about working with Mark Templeton, Citrix’s former CEO, Brad said, “My time with Mark Templeton changed my life. I learned how to be gracious, sincere, empathetic, customer-focused, genuine, and so much more. I’ve had other mentors in my life, but Mark has been the most significant. I had learned over the years to be prepared for meetings, have all possibilities thought through, and to do my homework. And then with Mark, I had to learn how to throw everything I had prepared out the window. Mark would always make you look at a topic from a completely different perspective, and from there create action that was even more innovative. This represented amazing thought leadership to me.”

To read the full interview on CloudExpo, click here.