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Workspot featured as Dell vWorkspace alternative by Algiz Technology

Algiz Technology, a Workspot partner, has named Workspot as an alternative to Dell vWorkspace on their blog.

The author, Rory Monaghan, states “Over at my website, I blogged about some other products which really excite me including Unidesk and WorkSpot. I am currently testing Unidesk on top of Hyper-V and RDS. Unidesk, in my opinion, offers the most simple and complete tooling for managing virtual desktops. It’s the absolute best way to get to that goal of a single golden image.”

“With WorkSpot I can manage my environment from anywhere and access my desktops and applications from any device, you can even use Unidesk to manage the environment, which I love.”

“WorkSpot’s VDI 2.0 is unique; basically, they allow you to outsource many of the moving parts required in a VDI. You remove the need for standing up web servers, load balancing services, and broker services and instead run those from the cloud. Together with a Hyperconverged solution, you can scale the environment rapidly.”

Read the full article on the Algiz Technology blog by clicking here.