8 DEMO Traction products you have to see

Keep up with the most exciting products at the DEMO Traction conference in San Francisco. WorkSpot: Workspace as a Service Aiming to resolve the complexity of the telework option that more and more companies are offering, WorkSpot offers a cloud solution that simplifies the process of connecting to corporate resources and using internal apps. The… Read more

BYOD 101

How many of your employees check their email on their phone? Access documents from their personal computer? Transfer their data on a shared machine? The number might be higher than you expect. According to a survey by Cisco, 90% of Americans use their own smartphones for work. Clearly, BYOD is here to stay. With its… Read more

The mobile-enabled enterprise: Are we there yet?

Modern mobile technology may have been born with the first iPhone, a quintessential consumer device, but it wasn’t long before the business possibilities began to emerge. Fast forward to today, and it’s difficult to find a company that hasn’t embraced phones and tablets for its employees to some degree. It’s not difficult to see why…. Read more

Workspot featured in Network World products of the week

Workspot Pricing: $12 monthly per user for Advanced Edition, $15 monthly per user for Enterprise Edition Key features: A Workspace as a Service product that provides secure access to workplace data on iOS and Android devices. Features 60-minute setup, cloud-based application deployment and a single pane interface. More info. Source