Workspot on IT Business Edge: DaaS 2.0

Mike Vizard of IT Business Edge covers Workspot’s DaaS 2.0 announcement during Gartner’s Data Center Conference: “While Workspot has an existing relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Brad Peterson, vice president of marketing for Workspot, says the company expects Microsoft to become the dominant provider of cloud services pertaining to desktop and productivity applications. In… Read more

Workspot dramatically simplifies VDI by leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure to deliver the first DaaS 2.0 Solution

DaaS 2.0 enables organizations of all sizes to deploy VDI for thousands of end users in a single day with no additional CAPEX LAS VEGAS, NV — Gartner Data Center, Infrastructure & Operations Management Conference — Workspot (, the leader in next-generation Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), announced today they are extending their cloud-native, multi-tenant architecture… Read more

ChannelBuzz: Workspot to offer Desktop as a Service 2.0 on Azure

From “Workspot, which has been challenging Citrix and VMware with its simple to deploy cloud VDI offering, is announcing a version tightly integrated with Azure that they expect will become the flagship product. Today, at the Gartner Data Center, Infrastructure & Operations Management Conference, next-gen VDI vendor Workspot has announced they are extending their… Read more

ComputerWeekly: Workspot named an “Innovative VDI specialist”

ComputerWeekly writes an article about end user devices requiring careful orchestration, and names Workspot an “Innovative VDI Specialist”: “Innovative VDI specialists are also emerging and building on the DaaS proposition, such as Workspot or VDIworks, which are using the cloud to simplify the challenging aspects of VDI, such as storage, load balancing and performance monitoring. Other… Read more