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The Register: Workspot and Scale Computing Partnership

Hyper-converger Scale Computing is adding business applications to its offerings with virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and business analytics available to its small and medium business customers.

Workspot is supplying the VDI software, which it says is straightforward to use.

Jason Collier, a co-founder at Scale Computing, said in a canned quote: “Our primary driver is simplicity and Workspot is simple. … Through a cloud portal you select a VDI template and the number of desktops and that’s it, a couple of clicks.

There is almost no set-up needed, it says.

Workspot calls its technology VDI 2.0, says it is it is cloud native and designed for hyper-converged appliances, and is already partnering with Nutanix, Atlantis and others. It says you can connect to a VDI session on a host in your data centre without installing anything in the data centre, All the complex operational components are moved into the cloud.

Scale is also partnering with Information Builders to have its business analytics software installed and run on its HCI systems. IB has been around in the business intelligence business for what seems like ages, having been founded in 1975 and developing its FOCUS database product.

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