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Windows, iOS and Android Devices Given Mobile Solution for Limitless Remote Workspace Access

Leading cloud-based mobile workspace solution provider Workspot yesterday announced the launch of Workspot Enterprise, a new workspace-as-a-service platform which can support Android, iOS and Windows access.

Workspot Enterprise will allow users to access their work desktop applications and files from any PC or mobile device via the new solution.

The cloud-based service will offer holistic Enterprise Mobility capabilities for remote workers. Users of Workspot Enterprise will simply be able to open the Workspot client on their PC. After entering their PIN, all their desktop applications and corporate files will then be available through Workspot.

This solution will also uniquely integrate the VPN, app, data and browsing for end users, providing employees with secure access to their work from any location in the world.

Additionally, Workspot will deliver unprecedented speed and efficiency for employers, who can beam new files and applications to users’ devices through the app instantaneously, allowing their businesses to be effective whether working in the office, on the road, from home and on any device.

By implementing Workspot Enterprise, IT leaders will be able to manage their entire workforce, regardless of device, and grant remote access to applications from a single pane of glass.

Other beneficial features that Workspot Enterprise can deliver to businesses include a one hour streamlined integration process, a cloud infrastructure which facilitates rapid rollout of applications, and a positive user experience from an easily manageable single pane interface.  The new Workspot client is available for Windows 7, Windows 8, Android and iOS.

“Workspot’s goal is to make the enterprise completely mobile, and the launch of our PC application marks a major accomplishment toward this objective,” said Amitabh Sinha, CEO and Co-Founder of Workspot. “Cloud-based workspace-as-a-service solutions are essential for the modern enterprise, and over 95% of devices that users work from are Windows-based. The Workspot client for Windows provides a way for the vast majority of employees around the world to securely access their documents and data wherever they are, no matter whether it’s a company-managed or personal PC.”