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ComputerWeekly: Workspot named an “Innovative VDI specialist”

ComputerWeekly writes an article about end user devices requiring careful orchestration, and names Workspot an “Innovative VDI Specialist”:

“Innovative VDI specialists are also emerging and building on the DaaS proposition, such as Workspot or VDIworks, which are using the cloud to simplify the challenging aspects of VDI, such as storage, load balancing and performance monitoring. Other long-established suppliers with cloud competence, such as Cisco, Oracle, Dell and HP, have recognised the potential of DaaS as users increasingly demand flexibility to choose their own points of access and shift between them.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the increasing use of mobile devices to access enterprise IT. Laptops rapidly grew from the tool of the select travelling few to the desktop replacements for many – at work, then at home – and hand-held personal digital assistants (PDAs), then smartphones took over people’s pockets. But the real shift came with tablets and the mobile phone’s bigger cousin, the phablet.”

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