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Workspot Launches Remote Access App for iOS, Android

The solution includes a virtual private network in addition to its application services, allowing users secure network access from wherever they are.

Workspot, Inc. announced the launch of Workspot Enterprise, which supports Windows 7 and Windows 8, Google Android and Apple iOS operating systems.The software allows users to access their workplace desktop applications and work files from any PC or mobile device through and offers enterprise mobility for users working remotely.”Mobile technologies have transformed our lives as consumers. Organizations, such as banks, airlines, restaurants and others, have built many mobile applications for us,” Amitabh Sinha, Workspot’s CEO, toldeWEEK. “However, these same organizations have by and large delivered only business email to their own employees on their mobile devices. Employees cannot access most core business applications–for example, SAP and SharePoint–or data on network shares from their mobile devices.”Sinha said in order to access business applications, employees have to use company-issued PCs and be connected to company networks.

Employees using the WorkSpot platform begin by opening the Workspot client on their PC, and after entering their PIN, all their desktop applications and workplace files are available through Workspot.The platform also includes a virtual private network (VPN) in addition to its application services, allowing users secure network access from wherever they are working.”There needs to be a critical balance between user-friendliness and security. If you make remote access difficult by introducing multiple levels of authentication challenges, end users will be reluctant to use the application frequently,” Sinha said. “On the other hand, IT needs to prevent data leakage from unauthorized individuals getting access to business applications and data.”However, Sinha noted that making access user-friendly doesn’t always have to compromise security. Products s have to be designed with both user experience and security in mind, he said.Workspot also enables frictionless access for employers, who can beam new files and applications to users’ devices through the app, allowing IT leaders to manage their entire workforce, regardless of device, and grant remote access to applications from a single screen.”Workspot’s key differentiators are time to value, a great end user experience and simple management experience. Workspot has reinvented how IT delivers applications,” Sinha said. “We enable IT to deliver their first set of apps to their devices using their infrastructure in 60 minutes. Workspot also provides a single pane of glass for IT to deliver any app to any device, and users use a single client to access all applications and data. The rich client architecture with integrated Single Sign On and VPN allows us to make the end user experience truly frictionless.”