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eBook: Workspot and Google Cloud: The Future of the PC is in the Cloud

Securing physical PCs is almost impossible, and micro-managing traditional VDI is too complex and costly. Here’s more reasons why it’s time to move your desktop workloads to the cloud.

eBook: Workspot and Google Cloud – Why Cloud PCs are Key to Hybrid Work

Hybrid work is here to stay, but what’s the best way to support it? Compare approaches to virtual desktops to make sure your requirements are met.

Solution Brief: Cloud PCs for Manufacturing

For manufacturing firms, time-to-market is everything. Here’s how cCloud PCs and workstations can help you achieve a competitive edge. Read more.

Solution Briefs
Video: Siemens NX Running on a Workspot Cloud Workstation

In this video we’re running the latest Siemens NX software completely in the cloud, on a GPU-accelerated Workspot cloud workstation running on Azure.

Is it Finally Time to Go All-in on the Cloud?

Back in the day, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer recommended that everyone go “all-in” on the cloud. A decade later… Read more

Re-imagining Infrastructure to Support Remote Working

The question that used to encounter a consistent “no” seems to have finally garnered a consistent “yes”: Should people be… Read more

Webinar Spotlight Moment: The Future of Work is Now – Thomas Gourand, Google Cloud

Thomas Gourand, Director of Google Cloud, and Amitabh Sinha, CEO of Workspot, discuss the Future of Work is Now… Watch now.

Workspot Cloud PCs Rank #99 on Deloitte Technology Fast 500

Workspot has always been fast! FAST to deploy Cloud PCs (days!). FAST time-to-value for customers. FAST response from our amazing… Read more

Give your PC a KISS! Why Wouldn’t You?

KISS your PC? Really? No, not literally, but I suppose you can. 😊 I am referencing the KISS design principle,… Read more

Just Say “No” to Another PC Refresh Cycle! (and “Yes” to Cloud PCs)

The PC hardware refresh cycle; a topic that is fraught with anxiety. For many years, the conventional wisdom was to… Read more

Cloud PCs for Ransomware Recovery. Is 5 Minutes Fast Enough?

It’s one of the most frightening messages you will ever receive in business. It’s even designed to look frightening, and… Read more

Why Cloud PCs? Here’s 6 Things You Don’t Have to Do Anymore

Managing a huge fleet of physical PCs and workstations or a legacy VDI implementation is a huge pain. There’s no… Read more