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Hanson Professional Services is a nationally recognized, award-winning consulting firm with offices across the United States.

Hanson’s CAD experts are distributed across many locations and smaller offices. The IT team needed to find a workstation solution that could support CAD users who needed to travel to job sites, giving them the ability to conduct construction observation and also make use of their CAD apps while in the field. In many of their smaller offices, employees had attempted to work on GPU-intensive files over a VPN connection, but they experienced latency that significantly lowered productivity and frustrated employees.

Bob Stidham, while initially skeptical even after seeing the cloud workstation solution demonstrated, led the proof-of-concept. Ultimately concluded, “The ability to spin up workstations, to redeploy workstations with our image on it, all done in five minutes, is huge for us.”

Workspot cloud workstations are placed in the Azure regions closest to each user, and because the GPU and project data are tightly coupled, users, no matter where they are located, experience performance that is often better than physical PCs. Now, rather than buying a $3,500 machine to do CAD, Hanson can simply provide a Workspot cloud workstation on a low-cost laptop. This makes it easier for people to move between office, job site and any other location where they may need to do work, while delivering great performance that keeps CAD engineers happy. When asked what cloud workstation power users think about the Workspot solution, Stidham replied, “100% of them say ‘this is awesome!’”

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