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To say that we’ve been experiencing business disruption is an understatement. The market forces at play today are unprecedented. Pre-pandemic, a major battle for IT teams was around securing digital assets and IP. During the pandemic, we were all abruptly sent home to work, and IT had to scramble to “make do,” often with VPNs and tired, out-dated VDI. Post-pandemic, the Great Resignation and mainstreamed remote and hybrid work continue to impact end user computing in a variety of ways.

Security concerns have only increased. Whereas in the past the challenge was perimeter security, today there is no perimeter as people embrace mobile, remote and hybrid workstyles. People work everywhere, on a variety of devices. Securing perimeters and end points is no longer viable. Legacy, on-premises VDI was often adopted to help secure apps and data, but the on-premises model proved too complex to be scalable and sustainable.

On the other hand, Cloud PCs are easily and quickly deployed, they come with layers of security, and they are managed the same way IT teams already manage physical PCs. However, the simplicity Cloud PCs bring to the table is game changing. Workspot’s SaaS platform is so easy to manage that level 1 IT personnel can take care of everything – globally. Meanwhile, more senior people can be assigned to more strategic projects for the business. Cloud PCs close the security gaps presented by physical PCs, reducing the overall risk landscape for the company, while also increasing flexibility and agility, so the business can grow in new directions.

Additionally, comprehensive, 24×7 Cloud PC monitoring capabilities bring new levels of visibility to IT teams so they can understand the overall health of their Cloud PC deployment and anticipate potential issues that could result in downtime. From a business continuity standpoint, your Cloud PCs are critical. That’s why Workspot supports cross-cloud deployments, so customers can consume the best capabilities of each cloud, carefully optimize costs, and insure the business from disruption with “plan B” – Cloud PCs running in an alternate cloud region or an alternate cloud.

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