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Retail organizations are operating in a challenging environment where every advantage is needed to maximize margins and secure corporate data. The Workspot Enterprise Desktop Cloud™ is uniquely able to deliver greater agility while improving security and protecting against business disruption.

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Cloud Desktops

The uniquely dynamic nature of retail means these enterprises face difficult challenges. Widely distributed organizations, business-critical data, and workforce seasonality demand an end user computing solution that not only functions reliably with little intervention by IT teams, but that also secures customer data. In addition, having the flexibility to quickly and easily onboard new employees to accommodate seasonal demand is critical.

Physical desktops present a variety of problems for retail organizations. Their short lifecycles mean IT teams spend significant time and money conducting hardware refreshes, and in the interim they struggle to stay on top of upgrades and patches that can seriously compromise the security of apps and data if not applied consistently. Moreover, the time from new hire to productivity can be weeks for back office personnel who need their own end points. Responding to an acquisition or merger can take months as IT systems are reconciled and staff trained on new systems.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) has been implemented with the promise of streamlining IT. However, the reality is that IT teams become saddled with complex systems that require ongoing micro-management and troubleshooting, as operational costs skyrocket.

The answer for retail enterprises is Workspot cloud desktops for retail. Not just any cloud desktop solution will do. Retail enterprises have broad requirements for end user computing, from point-of-sale, to back office and call center employees and contractors. Each has different needs, and those needs should be met with precision to optimize costs. To achieve the ultimate end user computing simplicity, IT efficiency, robust security and business continuity, a 100% cloud-native SaaS solution – the Workspot Enterprise Desktop Cloud platform – is needed. Achieving a competitive advantage entails providing exceptional customer service across online and in-store experiences. Cloud desktops for retail provide the agility needed across the organization to ensure an outstanding customer experience.


“Any debate around the utility of public cloud has been put aside since the onset of COVID-19.”

– Sid Nag, research VP at Gartner




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* Source: Retail Wire August 2020. Cloud Tech Becomes a Retailing Priority Amid COVID-10

Benefits of Cloud Desktops for Retail Firms

The Workspot Enterprise Desktop Cloud enables IT teams to dramatically simplify the overhead associated with end user computing, while bringing new levels of agility across the organization, helping retailers provide outstanding services to customers and achieve a competitive advantage. Workspot cloud desktops for retail deliver significant benefits, including:

  • Greater cost efficiency and the opportunity to allocate IT resources more strategically.
  • Provision exactly the right resource for every employee and contractor, whether a cloud desktop for the back office, GPU cloud workstations for developers, or hosted-shared desktops or access to just a few apps for call centers.
  • Add cloud desktops anywhere in the world, in minutes.
  • Reduction of time-consuming hardware refresh cycles and elimination of complicated VDI management.
  • Stronger security through centralizing data in the cloud. Ability to securely support BYOD.
  • Prepare to defend against business disruption with innovative, modern solutions:
    • Activate standby cloud desktops with one click when people can’t reach the office
    • Fail-over to cloud desktops in an alternate cloud region if there’s a regional cloud outage