Delivering VDI 1.0 to Remote Office Branch Office (ROBO) is hard

For many organizations, half of the workforce is remote from the data center. In VDI 1.0 the data and control plane are intertwined, and as a result users must connect through the data center’s VDI frontend components. Unfortunately, the latency between users and the data center impacts the remoting protocol’s performance.

To solve the problem, IT has to reduce the latency by moving the VDI session host closer to the user. However with VDI 1.0, this requires the installation of a complete VDI infrastructure and the hiring of VDI trained staff at each location, which is cost prohibitive and operationally complex.


VDI 1.0’s performance limited by the speed of light and the network’s availability

In a typical VDI 1.0 implementation for ROBO, the virtual desktops run in a corporate data center, which may be thousands of miles away from the user. This deployment architecture can create multiple problems for an end user.

First, it can take a user several minutes to log in to their desktop. Once they are logged in, the usability of the desktop can be severely impacted by both latency and bandwidth. It’s common for IT teams to hear “I launch Citrix and go get a cup of coffee while it connects”, or “I cannot connect to my desktop”, or “My browser is slow”.

Second, the if the network is down between the remote office and the datacenter or if any of the VDI frontend components, such as the load balancer, portal, databases, or broker, are unavailable, the user will not be able to use their VDI desktop at all.

Workspot’s unique VDI 2.0 control plane architecture solves the ROBO problem

We can’t bend the laws of physics. So we designed VDI 2.0 with ROBO in mind. With VDI 2.0’s unique control plane architecture, IT can place the VDI hosts in any geographical location and operate them from a single pane of glass in the cloud. By reducing the latency and removing the performance killing hops found in VDI 1.0, users can now log in in seconds. And what’s more, the availability of the desktop no longer depends on the availability of the network between the remote office and the main data center.



Workspot’s CTO breaks down the architecture challenges with VDI and ROBO.