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It’s As Simple as Buying a PC

Configure: Simply choose your CPU, memory, and storage configuration.

Turnkey: Uber, or build your own car? Workspot, or assemble your own VDI stack? With Workspot, just choose, configure and deploy.

It’s a crazy world, and you have to be agile to be competitive. Deploy cloud desktops anywhere in the world in days, scale up and down on-demand, and respond to business change at a whole new speed.

Flat-Rate Pricing: There’s no reason for you to be surprised by cloud compute costs. Our flat-rate pricing gives you complete predictability, all wrapped up in a single Workspot bill that includes Azure costs.

1st Party: The technology landscape is changing faster than ever. Your business requirements change daily. Agile development allows us to change with you so your business can be ready for anything.

The Workspot Difference
Brad Peterson, VP of Marketing

Edge of the Cloud Deployment

Power at the Edge of the Cloud
Forget about on-premises VDI – that’s so last decade. The public cloud offers customers tens of massive data centers around the globe, with tens of gigabits per second network connectivity. Only Workspot was built from the ground up as a cloud-native, enterprise-ready service that harnesses cloud-edge power and puts it to work for you.  Now you can stop fighting with IT infrastructure; as you grow, add cloud desktops within or across cloud regions in minutes, as needed, so you can pursue new opportunities globally.

Edge-Native Architecture
We’ve got you future-proofed. Using a single pane of glass, Workspot customers can deploy cloud desktops into any Azure region that exists today or is built tomorrow. Wherever in the world you have employees, contractors, or partners, just place each cloud desktop in the closest Azure region – often less than 25ms away – for low latency that means amazing performance!

Better Performance than a Physical PC

Edge of the cloud deployments result in users accessing their virtual desktop over a  high bandwidth and low latency local connection. This is the secret to better-than-PC performance. Give all your users, even the most demanding CAD engineer, an experience that delights them and boosts productivity. Compare our cloud desktops to physical PCs and workstations for the real test of great performance. Even CAD engineers love us for the “ridiculous speed” they experience!

Watch the video to see CAD Manager Rebecca Yu conduct a side by side performance comparison with her local workstation.

Performance Comparison
Rebecca Yu, CAD Manager, Mead & Hunt

Why Settle for Anything Less than 99.95% Desktop Availability?
Harry Labana, Chief Customer Officer

Enterprise Desktop Management

Windows 10
Use your existing, corporate Windows 10 image. Why would you do it any other way?

99.95% PC SLA
We are responsible for the SLA of your cloud desktops and that alleviates your IT team from “keeping the lights on” tasks.

Custom Everything
Our solution integrates with your custom MFA (Duo, AzureAD, Okta), custom templates, custom image management tools, GPOs, and security policies.

ServiceNow Integration
To stay competitive, your business must be able to give resources to the right people, with the right skill sets, in the right place at the right time. Right? Now you can hire contractors, developers, gig workers, and employees anywhere. File a ServiceNow ticket to spin up a cloud desktop in the right Azure region, automatically. You can augment your workforce anywhere in the world, no branch office required!

Data Native Architecture

Workspot’s solution is instrumented at all points, including the clients used by end users, the gateways they traverse to access the corporate network, and the agents on the virtual desktops. Every time a user connects, disconnects, or fails to connect, we collect data about the client, the virtual desktop, and the network. Data is also collected about end user activity during a session.

Events Security Feed
Customers access a real-time feed of all end user activity – when they log in, when they log out, any failed authentication attempts, and more. Some IT admins refer to it as a “twitter feed of end user activity.”

Splunk Integration
Our Splunk plugin can securely connect to our cloud infrastructure, bringing all of this data into your Splunk systems so you can analyze it with all the other data being collected.

Operations Center
Our operations team has end to end visibility into all issues with a user – from trouble connecting to experiencing slow performance – and they can help you look for patterns. For example, if a gateway is down in Singapore, or a DNS server is down in Raleigh, or if all users are seeing degraded performance in Amsterdam, our ops team can help you identify the precise issue fast.

Much of the data we collect is available through APIs, so in addition to the standard reports we provide, our customers can use tools such as Microsoft Excel to download the data and build their own reports to meet specific requirements.