Single Pane of Glass to Control Everything

Workspot Control is a single pane of glass that enables IT to create and control a unified workspace for their end users. The unified workspace includes:

  • VDI using on-premises infrastructure, e.g., legacy three tier stack or hyper-converged infrastructure
  • VDI using the cloud, e.g., Azure
  • Windows client server applications
  • Web applications, both on-premises and SaaS
  • File shares




Single Pane of Glass to Deploy Anywhere

Workspot Control is a single pane of glass that enables IT to deploy desktops anywhere in the world on any infrastructure. With the single instance, you can deploy desktops on legacy infrastructure in America, on hyper-converged infrastructure in EMEA, and on Azure in Japan and Australia.

As a multi-tenant cloud service, Workspot Control scales instantly, is highly available, and always up to date. Because there is nothing to install, IT can do enterprise class deployments in a day.

Manage Granular Security from a Single Pane of Glass

IT can use Workspot Control to define security policies to control the behavior of the Workspot client in real-time including the following:

  • Wipe out data within Workspot
  • Enabling/disabling offline usage of the application
  • Restricting access to a set of IP addresses and locations
  • Restricting copy and paste
  • Whitelist/Blacklist URLs

Specify Workspace Policies - offline documents, passcode or not, etc.

Next Generation Control Plane Architecture delivers performance and security

We have separated our control and data planes. Control signals flow between the Workspot client and Workspot Control. Data flows directly between the Workspot client and the application, e.g., SAP,, etc. You don’t have to move your apps into our cloud.  No data flows through our cloud. We don’t store credentials in our cloud. This separation between control and data planes is very critical for security, availability, and performance.


Architecture Matters: The 4 Critical Benefits for IT

Workspot’s Workspace as a Service architecture separates the control and data planes and achieves four critical benefits for IT:

  1. Lower TCO: Our cloud-first approach dramatically lowers both CAPEX and OPEX.
  2. High Availability: Our clients are designed to operate even if the cloud control plane is unavailable. The cloud is not in the critical path for connections resulting in fewer problems.
  3. Fastest Connection Times: Since most connections from the client go directly to the application or desktop, end users can connect to their resources much faster than other solutions.
  4. Unparalleled Visibility: Our clients are designed to constantly collect data about performance, availability, usage, and behavior. This data provides IT unparalleled visibility into real end user experience.


Enterprise Ready Cloud Security. Verified.

Our cloud control plane architecture is runs on the Amazon Cloud.  Security is a top priority at Workspot and part of every phase from the design to test, and finally release to production.

  1. Workspot’s cloud service is designed with data protection, identity verification, availability of our cloud service, and multi-tenancy privacy in mind.
  2. We have stringent security policies in place for developing and deploying our products.
  3. We have implemented a state-of-the-art security architecture with continuous monitoring and penetration testing of all layers in our infrastructure and application stack.

And this is independently verified by Skyhigh Networks.  Workspot has achieved “Enterprise-Ready” provider status in Skyhigh Networks’ CloudTrust program.

Click here for more information CloudTrust Program.

Discover Workspot’s built-in monitoring and analytics.