Single pane of glass to deploy virtual desktops and applications

Workspot Control is a single pane of glass that enables IT to create and control a unified workspace for their end users. The unified workspace includes:

  • VDI using on-premises infrastructure, e.g., legacy three tier stack or hyper-converged infrastructure
  • VDI using the cloud, e.g., Azure
  • Windows client server applications running in Azure or on-premises
  • Web applications, both on-premises and SaaS
  • File shares


Workspot Single Pane of Glass 2


Single pane of glass to deploy anywhere

Workspot Control is a single pane of glass that enables IT to deploy applications and desktops anywhere in the world on any infrastructure. With the single instance, you can deploy desktops on legacy infrastructure in America, on hyper-converged infrastructure in EMEA, and on Azure in Japan and Australia.

As a multi-tenant cloud service, Workspot Control scales instantly, is highly available, and always up to date. Because there is nothing to install, IT can do enterprise class deployments in a day.

Single pane of glass to set policies

IT can use Workspot Control to define security policies to control the behavior of the Workspot client in real-time including the following:

  • Wipe out data within Workspot
  • Enabling/disabling offline usage of the application
  • Restricting access to a set of IP addresses and locations
  • Restricting copy and paste
  • Whitelist/Blacklist URLs

Specify Workspace Policies - offline documents, passcode or not, etc.

We have separated the control and data planes.

Single Pane of glass